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Young Rhaenyra’s 10 biggest mistakes

Dragon House has been a massive hit since arriving as an ambitious prequel series for game of thrones. As it focuses on the Targaryen story of George RR Martin Fire & Blood, there are many controlled time jumps between episodes. This allows for a dynamic rhythm that fans appreciate.

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However, the sixth episode will see the biggest jump yet. This means that Alicent Hightower will now be played by Olivia Cooke instead of Emily Carey and Rhaenyra by Emma D’Arcy. Rhaenyra d’Alcock was the focus of the series’ first five episodes. In her youth, Rhaenyra was brash and impulsive, which led her to make several huge mistakes.

Spoilers ahead for the first five episodes of Dragon House.

ten Rhaenyra chose Criston Cole for the Kingsguard

Ever since the Tournament of Heirs, Rhaenyra has shown a clear interest in Criston Cole, who defeated Rhaenyra’s uncle Daemon at the tournament. When Rhaenyra was then tasked with appointing a new member of the Kingsguard, she chose Criston as he was the only candidate with combat experience.

While it seemed like a logical choice, Otto Hightower and Harrold Westerling’s hesitation over his decision was justified, as Cole ultimately didn’t have the reliable reputation or reputation required for the role. His inexperience would eventually lead him to break his vows of celibacy, as he lacked the willpower formed by years of service.

9 Seducing Criston Cole opened up a whole new world of future issues

Ser Criston broke this vow of celibacy when Rhaenyra seduced him after returning from a night in King’s Landing. Not only did this put Criston Cole in an impossible position between rejecting a princess’s advances and endangering his livelihood, but the consequences would also hit Rhaenyra hard.

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Their forbidden romance took on a life of its own, as Criston inadvertently confessed everything to Alicent Hightower. Criston was desperate to protect his name. He snapped at Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding and killed Joffrey Lonmouth. This all came from Rhaenyra putting him in this impossible position in the first place.

8 Rhaenyra sneaking around with Daemon sparked rumors and tension

Pre-time skip, Rhaenyra never pretended to be quiet or shy. She wanted to experience the world and was often irritated by the restrictions her position at court brought, which reduced her lack of freedom. Rhaenyra always enjoyed her interactions with Daemon as there was an element of danger involved.

Upon Daemon’s return to King’s Landing in “King of the Narrow Sea”, the pair rekindled their closeness as Daemon showed him a way to sneak in for the evening. Their night together sparked rumors and basically hurt various relationships afterwards.

seven Rhaenyra encouraged Daemon’s unpredictable and chaotic nature

Daemon will always be chaotic and unpredictable in what he truly desires. He always showed affection for his family, especially Rhaenyra. However, before the time skip, their relationship often turned toxic because he wanted to cause trouble.

Rhaenyra being excited by her dangerous streak, she would encourage Daemon to take his next step. Antagonizing a man like Daemon is not the wisest decision. Rhaenyra even challenged Daemon to take her and marry her at her own wedding to Laenor Velaryon. The room was full of those who would oppose and kill Daemon if such a thing were to happen, but Rhaenyra liked to call it bluff.

6 Rhaenyra thought the opinions of ordinary people didn’t matter.

When Rhaenyra explored King’s Landing at night with Daemon, she got a glimpse of what ordinary people thought of her and her father’s rule. She did not appreciate the way she was portrayed in a play re-enacting the current political situation surrounding the Viserys estate, but quickly noticed that everyone was enjoying it.

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Rhaenyra even made the mistake of telling her uncle that people’s opinions didn’t matter, what Daemon reminded her of was completely wrong. game of thrones has already shown this divide as royalty simply ignores what their subjects actually want or value. Rhaenyra has shown a naivety that she should get out of or face the consequences.

5 Rhaenyra cut the wedding suitor’s tour short due to boredom

Rhaenyra often took her relationship with her father for granted in her youth. Viserys stuck to his decision to name his heir, though he later had a son, and he even gave Rhaenyra permission to choose her own husband. Viserys’ efforts to please his daughter threatened Westerosi tradition and the very peace he had insisted on protecting.

Rhaenyra was sent on a long tour to entertain many potential suitors in multiple locations. However, she soon cut the tour short and returned to King’s Landing well ahead of schedule. Her boredom and lack of interest in finding a husband made her forget the overall cost of the tour, in terms of time, money and promises made to various prestigious houses.

4 Humiliating the Proud Houses could have made Rhaenyra future enemies

When Rhaenyra was on tour, she didn’t mince words and easily humiliated many who came to ask for her hand in marriage. Rhaenyra was unfazed by teasing and unhappy reactions from those she rejected, but when enough people are looked down upon and ignored by one person, conflicts tend to start.

Rhaenyra had also previously humiliated Jason Lannister by rejecting his proposal. She even stole him once again at her wedding. Not only did Rhaenyra fail to understand that ordinary people’s thoughts matter more than anything, but she also failed to play nice and keep powerful allies by her side.

3 Rhaenyra left angry on her own

During the royal hunt, Rhaenyra left in anger after an argument with her father. They were far from King’s Landing, so she didn’t particularly know the area. As a princess and future queen, such an outing without regard for her safety was totally irresponsible.

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In the end, Rhaenyra was lucky that Criston Cole managed to catch up to her. A boar would later attack the couple and if Ser Criston hadn’t been there, Rhaenyra could have been seriously injured. Sometimes it takes space to calm down after an argument, but not when it comes to riding a horse at alarming speed in an unfamiliar direction.

2 Lying to Alicent destroyed their friendship and forced her hand

Rhaenyra felt betrayed when her father chose her best friend Alicent to be his new bride. This not only hurt the father-daughter relationship, but things were never the same for the girls again. There were still times when they showed glimpses of their former closeness, but all of that was erased when Rhaenyra lied to Alicent one last time.

Alicent confronted Rhaenyra about the rumors surrounding her and Daemon. When Rhaenyra swore on her late mother’s memory that she had done nothing that night, Alicent believed her. Alicent’s father, Otto Hightower, was later dismissed as Hand of the King. When Alicent found out that Rhaenyra was lying, she lost all patience and stopped giving her more chances. Alicent wearing the green dress to Rhaenyra’s wedding was a signal of intent that sparked the duo’s bitter rivalry, which will only get worse.

When Viserys named Rhaenyra his successor, he went against years of tradition. It was a big moment for Rhaenyra to be the first woman to ascend the Iron Throne, succeeding where Rhaenys had failed. However, immediately after being announced as the official heiress, she attempted to intervene at a small council meeting.

This infuriated Viserys, prompting Otto to suggest sending her away to choose a new member of the Royal Guard. Rhaenyra mistakenly assumed that her word would be immediately accepted. Furthermore, she refused to heed Rhaenys’ warning that she would not be accepted by the people. Rhaenyra just assumed she would change that perception without offering any other plan or rationale.

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