Narrow bridges

WYDOT begins replacing and rebuilding bridges around the world

A two-year bridge construction project is underway in Worland, which means residents must take detours and stick to main roads until the project is complete in June 2024.

WYDOT announced that a two-year project has begun to replace three bridges and rebuild a small piece of Wyoming Highway 433 (West River Road) near Worland.

The $10.245 million project includes the total reconstruction of all 3 bridges and the causeway across the construction area,” said Kelly Erickson, Worland’s Wyoming Department of Transportation project engineer.

Courtesy of WYDOT

The start of the 1.4 mile project, located between West River Road mile markers 4.14 and 5.50, includes the construction of a narrow diversion road around the construction area where the bridges will be built.

Besides the demolition and construction of the bridges, other works of the project include grading, paving the roadway with asphalt, fencing, chip sealing and other works.

The contract completion date is June 30, 2024. Reiman Corp. of Cheyenne is the prime contractor for the project.

“Irrigation water has been shut off in the canal for the October 1 season, and this will help the detour construction be complete by the end of October,” Erickson said. “The paving of the detour is expected to be completed by early November.”

Erickson said construction truck traffic will increase in October as material is transported to build the narrow diversion road.

Erickson said the contractor is required to build the two canal bridges after irrigation flows end this year, with work being completed on the canal bridges before irrigation water begins to flow into the agricultural fields in 2023.

Permanent and portable digital message signs have been placed at both ends of West River Road, advising truckers to take the main highway (US16/20/WY789) through Worland.

“Using the main highway through Worland will help truckers and other large trucks, including school activity buses, not be delayed by this project, and it will increase worker safety in the tight work zone,” Erickson said. “Digital traffic signs will provide drivers with up-to-date information, including traffic delays, on West River Road.”