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White House Criticizes Red State Abortion Laws Ahead of Midterm Elections

The White House is getting more involved in the fight against abortion before the Supreme Court rules on a Mississippi case that could upset Roe vs. Wade although he drew attention to his limited power to help.

The move comes as abortion becomes a major issue in the 2022 midterm elections for Democrats and Republicans.


Planned Parenthood Action Fund spokesperson Sam Lau called the 2022 midterm cycle a “turning point for reproductive freedom” as his organization prepares for its “biggest midterm election platform” ever. boosting abortion rights candidates, from governors to state legislators.

“Months before the election, this country will likely see a game-changing Supreme Court decision where people across the country will experience real-time the extremity of the courts and the anti-abortion movement,” he said. he declares. Washington Examiner. “We believe the anger and outrage this is causing will drive historic turnout and cause a realignment in the voting booth.”

But anti-abortion activists are equally motivated, invigorated in part by Democratic Virginia 2021 gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s failed attempt to weaponize the issue against current Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin through an ad campaign. nearly $4 million in television.

The Susan B. Anthony List aims to speak with 8 million battleground state voters in the 2022 cycle, knocking on at least 4 million doors, according to spokeswoman Mallory Carroll.

We talk to pro-life people who don’t always go to vote in midterm elections as well as people who we think can be persuaded on the life issue,” she said. “Pro-abortion Democrats’ support for abortion on demand — up to birth, unrestricted, paid for by taxpayers — is vastly out of step with mainstream America and a turnoff for persuaded voters. »

For Mary Ziegler, professor of law at Florida State University and author of Abortion and the Law in America, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is “the most important development on the matter in half a century.”

After many abortion rights activists commemorated the 49th anniversary of Roe vs. Wadethe landmark Supreme Court case that established that pregnant women have a constitutional right to choose to have an abortion, the Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold Mississippi’s 15-week prefetal viability threshold in 2018. Governor Michigan Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is just one local leader preparing to Roe’s died, challenging his state’s abortion policies last week.

“Politicians cannot easily fall back on familiar talking points on abortion,” Ziegler said. “Now, lawmakers in red states will move toward policies that will actually be enforced, while progressive lawmakers work to preserve the status quo or create a sanctuary for people seeking abortions from outside the state. ‘State.”

“How central the abortion issue is to voters is unpredictable, but it seems [safe] guess it will be more of a corner issue than it has been in years,” Ziegler added.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki shared a scathing statement this week regarding Oklahoma’s anti-abortion measure. PSAKI described its narrow exception for medical emergencies, excluding rape and incest, as “the most restrictive legislation in the country.” She posted a similar comment last month regarding Idaho’s six-week ban, similar to Texas and backed by private citizens.

“Make no mistake: Today’s actions in Oklahoma are part of [a] a disturbing national trend attacking women’s rights, and the Biden administration will continue to stand with the women of Oklahoma and across the country in the fight to defend their freedom to make their own choices about their future,” said she said this week.

PSAKI repeated President Joe Biden’s call for Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify deer and Family planning c. Casey — and go even further. Senate Republicans blocked the House-approved bill last month, six months after Abbott approved Texas’ SB 8. At the time, Psaki admitted that the Senate filibuster was “extremely disappointing, disproportionately affecting lower socioeconomic, minority, and rural populations.”

The equally divided composition of the Senate amplifies abortion as an electoral issue, in addition to Dobbs.

Amid speculation that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was retiring, PSAki was asked what the White House could do to ensure access to abortion. She previously promoted Biden’s repeal of the Global Gag Rule, which bars U.S.-funded foreign nongovernmental organizations from offering or performing abortions and investing in the Title X family planning program.


“We have also taken action and announced action, even in recent days, for HHS to strengthen its support for providers across the country,” she said in January of the Department of Health and Human Services. . “It’s something we will continue to look for ways to do.”