Narrow road

Watch two drivers argue on a narrow road in what is being called ‘the most British road rage incident ever’

TWO drivers were filmed arguing to pass each other on a narrow road.

The video, shot with a smartphone and uploaded to YouTube by user Mark Coates, is titled: ‘Is this the most British road rage incident ever?’


A busy main road could be seen in the rear view mirror of Mr Coates’ carCredit: YouTube – Mark Coates

The video was filmed in 2016 but has resurfaced online and begins with Mr Coates saying: ‘Well you’re on video now, it’s illegal to reverse on a main road and so I’m not doing it.’

An argument clearly broke out and the other driver got out and stood at Mr Coates’ window.

The woman says, “Okay, well, no. I’m not going to move, there’s not much room.

“You can take as many pictures as you want.”

Mr Coates points out that it is actually a video, to which the woman says it doesn’t really matter to her and that she is not bothered.

He explains: “There’s plenty of room – I drive this road twice a day, I’ve passed many cars. You can fit two cars through.”

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The woman responds, “You shouldn’t have surrendered, you could have seen me coming, I looked at you. You could have stopped and you didn’t.”

Mr Coates says: ‘If you just back up and move around a bit..’

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But the woman refuses and says she has as much determination as she can assure, then goes back to her car.

The fairly polite exchange had people laughing in the comments.

One said: “Wouldn’t surprise me if she ended with, ‘Next time I’ll toss you my scone just fine. “”

While another said: ‘I’m proud to be British now. That’s what I call content’

A third remarked, “wow, it’s really rare to have something so polished these days.”

The description of the video ends with: “Lady ended up with someone helping her through the gap (with plenty of room to spare)”

The woman had left her car and refused to back up and move


The woman had left her car and refused to back up and moveCredit: YouTube – Mark Coates
Mr Coates said he drove down the road twice a day and two cars could pass easily


Mr Coates said he drove down the road twice a day and two cars could pass easilyCredit: YouTube – Mark Coates