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Votes tallied amid criticism Chile lacks transportation

Photo credit: EFE / Esteban Garay

Participation in Chile began on Sunday amid a barrage of criticism against the government for failing to implement a more efficient public transport service, following the closure of more than 2,500 polling stations in Chile.

The first preliminary data is expected from 19:00 (22:00 GMT) local time and the results are expected to be very close.

Recent polls suggest young left-wing vice president Gabriel Boric narrowly won over far-right José Antonio Cast, but experts say the outcome largely depends on turnout, which will take place in the first round. November 21. reach 50%.

Overseas voting, without representation, was imposed by the alumni leader in most countries except China, where Cast won.

They are the candidates for the most contradictory proposals in the history of Chilean democracy: Borik scares the markets because of his alliance with the Communist Party, defending a welfare state with a feminist and ecological accent, while Cast is a devout Catholic. Maintain the current neoliberal model, face low taxes and irregular migration with a hard hand.

“I came to vote to protect our rights and improve our lives. Today things can start differently, ”young Diana Gonzalez told Efe as she left a polling station in the Coastal del Mar quiz.

Taxi driver Roberto Paulsen recognized Efe in the capital’s La Reina district, saying he “voted with a stuck nose” because he didn’t like any candidate, and that “Chile is not a central country and a serious country “.

Government boycott?

The most important elections since the return to democracy in 1990 were marked by endless complaints from citizens who waited hours for the arrival of public buses at polling stations.

The situation was particularly critical in the afternoon and on the outskirts of the capital, where mayors borrowed municipal vehicles to pick up residents.

Both candidates, however, criticized the situation and went further with the war order, blaming the Conservative government. Sebastien pinera “Boycott” the election.

“We call on the government to put in place taxis, buses and shared cars to transport voters in the face of the government’s decision to restrict public transport in support of their candidate,” said Iskia Chic, a campaign manager for left.

The government admitted that there had been “episodes of congestion” affecting the “fluidity of public transport routes”, but rejected any grounds.

“We reject those who attempt to falsify the size of a cathedral by claiming that something was not done to get people to vote. We have 75% more buses than a normal Sunday, ”said government spokesman Jaime Bellolo.

Overcoming the lingering social crisis of the 2019 protests, enforcing the provisions of the new constitution, and dealing with the economic challenges left by the epidemic will be one of the main challenges for the future.

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