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VIDEO: One of Croatia’s most spectacular bridges being built

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(Screenshot/Hrvatske Ceste/YouTube)

One of the most complex and spectacular constructions of an infrastructure in Croatia is currently underway in the Dalmatian town of Omiš.

The Omiš bypass road project includes the construction of the Stobreč – Dugi Rat – Omiš expressway and the construction of a 216-meter bridge connecting two tunnels.

The project will help alleviate traffic problems on the busy Split-Omiš road.

One of the most complex parts of the project is the construction of a bridge over the Cetina river canyon which will connect the new Komorjak tunnel with the existing Omiš tunnel.

So far, 25 meters of the bridge have been built and when completed, it will provide a breathtaking view of the city of Omiš for commuters.

All bypass road works are expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The city of Omiš is located on a narrow belt between the mainland and the mountains, along the mouth of the Cetina river, which makes it an extremely difficult project.

This week, Hrvatske Ceste released a video (below) to show the progress of the work.

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