Narrow transportation

Vendors pay more for transport after Vallah crossing closed: The Tribune India

Tribune press service


Amritsar, November 11

Commuters and vendors, especially those selling vegetables and fruits, were forced to travel long roads after the Vallah crossing was closed to traffic due to the ongoing construction of an upper railway bridge (ROB).

Shamsher Singh, a vegetable vendor, said, “Traders use the road to reach the wholesale vegetable and fruit market in Vallah. But due to the closure of the level crossing, we have to travel long alternative routes. This increased the cost of transportation.

‘Close at prevent accidents

The passage has been closed to avoid any unfortunate incident. It will be reinstated to traffic after the construction of the upper deck is completed in this phase. —Civil servants, company carrying the contract

Unfortunately, some vendors can be seen passing under the crossing to avoid transport costs, increasing the risk of accidents on the busy Amritsar-Delhi railway line.

Sellers are also questioning the proposed service road that has been promised at the crossing to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Arshdeep Singh, a resident of Fateh Rajputan village, said the crossing had been closed to traffic for more than a week. “Commuting through the crossing was already a herculean task as only a narrow, also non-metal, stretch of road remained after construction of the upper bridge began. Now even that has been closed. Previously, construction work was stalled due to pending approval,” he added.

Officials from the private company building the upper bridge said the crossing had been closed to prevent any untoward accidents. “The crossing will be restored to traffic after the upper bridge construction is completed in this phase,” they added.