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Uslapur narrow road will be built soon

Sakri (New World News). The request for construction of a road between Uslapur Overbridge and Sakri Bypass Chowk was made by MP and Parliamentary Secretary Rashmi Singh to the Chief Minister. On Wednesday, National State Highway officials provided an update on the road in the presence of the parliamentary secretary. He said soon Uslapur Sakri road will be constructed.

The road from Uslapur Overbridge to Sakri Bypass Chowk has become dilapidated in places, while this road is very important from a transport point of view. The road directly connects Jabalpur, due to which a large number of small and large vehicles pass through this road. Urban traffic pressure also remains on this road. Due to excessive pressure, this road has been uprooted from place to place. Pedestrians are disturbed while walking on this road, for a long time there has been a demand for the reconstruction of this road. After inspecting the road with public officials, the case is being prepared to be sent to the higher office for approval. Parliamentary Secretary Rashmi Singh said there is a lot of traffic on this road, a large number of vehicles use this road every day. The people of the region continually called for the construction of the road. The request for the construction of a six-kilometer road was made by the Chief Minister, after this inspection with the officials is scheduled for soon, passers-by are expected to breathe a sigh of relief. During the inspection, Assistant National State Highway Engineer Khemlata Sahu, MLA Representative Dharmesh Dubey, Alderman Suresh Sonkar, Mahendra Gangotri, Gaurav Dubey, Divya Nitesh Mishra, Gariba Yadav, Sandeep Mishra were present among others.

Change will come from Rajiv Gandhi Mitan Yojana

A meeting was held at the MLA Takhatpur residence regarding the ambitious master plan of the Chief Minister, Rajiv Gandhi Mitan Yojana. In this, Parliamentary Secretary Rashmi Singh Thakur said that the Rajiv Mitan Yojana will bring about a drastic change in the village and the town, which we will all see in the coming days. On this occasion, Mahendra Gangotri, the Bilaspur District Coordinator of Rajiv Yuva Mitan said that the program which has been prepared by the Chief Minister will help us bring forth the hidden talent in the village by engaging the youths in work creative, sports, cultural programs. On the program, representatives of NAPA President Munna Shrivas, Bihari Devangan, Gaurav Dubey, Harvinder Hura, Jugal Kaushik, Nitesh Mishra, Nattu Jayasi, Sunil Jangde, Chandraprakash Devangan, Mohit Singh, Abhishek Pandey, Shivendra Kaushik, Anil Kaushik, Kailash Devangan, Gariba Yadav, Congress workers in large numbers including Pawan Pandey, Om Prakash Devangan, Sandeep Khande, Jitendra Raj, Abhyudaya Tiwari, Raju Thakur, Girish Kashyap

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Posted by: Yogeshwar Sharma