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USDOT and California Announce Partnership on Supply Chain Infrastructure Program

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California Governor Gavin Newsom and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) announced Thursday that they have formed a strategic partnership to identify billions of dollars in funding for infrastructure improvement projects in that state.

The announcement would allow California to accelerate work on a network of related projects that will collectively help grow the economy, protect the environment, facilitate the movement of imports and exports, and modernize chain processes. supply in California trade corridors.
“California’s ports and infrastructure system are critical to the country’s supply chain. Through our collaboration with the Biden-Harris administration, this innovative federal-state partnership will help us accelerate projects that will make our ports and infrastructure even more efficient, ”Newsom said. “This partnership will help us start and support several infrastructure projects to improve our supply chain, ensuring goods get where they need to go faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.”

The partnership could help kick-start construction to deliver benefits to the transportation supply chain and U.S. consumers, the partners said. Projects such as modernization of ports, expansion of rail freight capacity, inland port facilities, electrification of railways and trucks, modernization of highways and land entry ports would be included in the project. the agreement.

As part of the Emerging Projects Agreement, USDOT’s Build America office would support the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) in the development of California infrastructure projects designed to improve capacity and resilience and assist developers. projects to explore innovative financing opportunities for billions of infrastructure investments.

“Our supply chains are under strain, with unprecedented consumer demand and disruption from a pandemic combining with the results of decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure. This is why this administration works tirelessly to address the short and long term challenges of our supply chains, including investments such as those in the bipartite agreement on infrastructure, ”said the United States Secretary of Transportation. Pete Buttigieg. “Today’s announcement marks an innovative partnership with California that will help modernize our infrastructure, address climate change, accelerate the flow of goods and grow our economy.

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