Narrow transportation

Transport trucks in Pernem use village roads instead of the highway

April 16, 2022 | 07:45 IST

Transport trucks in Pernem use village roads instead of the highway

Team Herald

PERNEM: Residents of Fakirpata in Pernem have raised safety concerns regarding the rapid transit trucks that pass through the village throughout the day. The villagers said that these transport trucks go to the Mopa airport site, the place where the crushers are stored and other sites through the village instead of using the highway.

Residents said about 5-10 trucks pass through the village at the same time keeping a distance of only 10 meters between them. Due to this particular movement, several accidents occurred in the village, residents were slightly injured while people lost their livestock due to the high speed of the trucks. They further stated that they could not cross the road and pedestrians did not feel safe for pedestrians when crossing a narrow road.

“The movement of the trucks which starts at 5 a.m. continues until late at night. They move at high speed and since the road is narrow, it becomes dangerous for pedestrians and other residents to cross the roads. When the trucks arrive, other vehicles, including

the motorcycles are blocked because the road is narrow. Some of our livestock also died in the accidents,” said resident Vasudev Mavlankar.

“We are facing major inconvenience because of these trucks driving through the village. Several times we have tried to stop the vehicles and asked the owners to remove the trucks from the highway, but they are not ready to listen to us. They are coming at high speed. and do not let any other vehicle pass because the road is narrow. There are schoolchildren walking to school for whom it is very dangerous. They are supposed to take the highway not the inner road. We ask the relevant authorities to look into this and ensure that these trucks use the highway,” said another villager.