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Transport officials provide information on the study of the second level crossing

“We want to hear from everyone.”

Stations set up Saturday at Eaglecrest Ski Resort and Safeway offered residents more insight into a long gestation proposed second crossing connecting the northern end of Douglas Island and mainland Juneau.

Marie Heidemann, project manager for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, said potential locations are still being determined and alternatives are being developed. The study area is north of the Douglas Bridge.

“There is no funding at the moment for design or construction, it’s just a way to get into the design and get into the environmental process, but with a lot more public participation from the start. “, said Heidemann. “So right now we’re engaging the public in identifying alternate locations and the next stage of the study will be to take those locations and run them through a preliminary screening of any fatal flaws where they just don’t have makes sense or it doesn’t. If this is not feasible, we would then do a higher level selection to limit ourselves to a handful of alternatives which would then receive a detailed selection and at the end of the study, we would only have a few alternatives that we recommend for a potential project. ”

Heidemann said public support so far has been mixed. Overall, Heidemann said the response has been tentative because she suspects people want to better understand potential locations.

“We want to hear everyone, we want to hear a lot of ideas, that’s the advantage of the PEL (environmental planning and lineages) study is that we can do a lot of public participation so that we can get as much information as possible as we move forward,” Heidemann said. “I think some people are concerned about the impacts of the bridge, whether it’s environmental or real estate. It’s been kind of a mixed bag; I think people have support and lack of support for various reasons.

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