Narrow house

Toronto home just 12ft wide is listed for $1.3million

Here are some 12-foot objects: an African elephant, two refrigerators, a garage door, six Golden Retrievers and this house.

Yes, 723 Dovercourt is only 12 feet wide, which isn’t the narrowest house in Toronto, but it’s close.

Listed for $1,345,000, the three-story, two-unit semi-detached home features two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The living room of the upper unit with a bay window.

“When you walk in, it’s not that bad,” real estate agent Forrest Kendlbacher assured blogTO, speaking of the home’s tight footprint.

Since the house is built over the full size of the land, it utilizes the full potential of the space, he explained.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The bathroom in the upper unit.

However, the house probably needs a little TLC. Especially since it sold in 2020 for $1.1 million and if you look at the old listing, nothing has changed – it even has the exact same furnishings.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The kitchen.

The bathrooms also look particularly dated and the kitchen could use some improvement.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The studio concept unit with a kitchenette type set up.

The house, while originally a single-family home in 2007, has been converted in recent years into multiple units so that it can be used as an Airbnb.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The ground floor unit.

So some things may have gone bad, as is bound to happen with short-term rentals.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The second and third upper levels of the house are a two bedroom apartment.

But Kendlbacher is quick to mention other attractive aspects of the home: “There’s a yard, there’s parking, and it’s under $1.4 million in Toronto.”

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

One of the bedrooms.

Which, to be fair, is true and makes the 12-foot-wide thing a little easier to swallow.

In addition, the land has a depth of 132 feet, which is not to be overlooked.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The view from the kitchenette on the ground floor.

So while you only have 12 feet of width to work with, Kendlbacher writes in the listing that there could be potential to build an 800 square foot two-story lane house on the back portion of the property.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The second bathroom.

In addition, the house is very well located. It is just south of Bloor Street and close to Ossington Station as well as parks, shopping and all that Dufferin Grove has to offer.

723 Dovercourt Road Toronto

The other bedroom.

So as long as you don’t have more than six Golden Retrievers side by side, it could be a solid investment.