Narrow bridges

The State of Bridges and Overpasses in Southwest Florida


The Pittsburgh Bridge collapse has many people wondering what the bridges in Southwest Florida are like.

There is a 24-page long list of bridges in Southwest Florida.

Some are very small with little traffic while others accommodate thousands of drivers per day.

The Florida Department of Transportation’s list includes several bridges along I-75.

The busiest is where it crosses the Imperial River in Lee County.

About 110,000 people cross it daily.

Behind that, I-75, where it crosses the Peace River in Charlotte County, has 67,000 cars passing through it daily.

Where the numbers get a little more interesting is when you look at how many are structurally deficient, meaning they need to be repaired or replaced within six years.

If they are functionally outdated, that means they don’t meet current road design standards, like maybe the lanes are too narrow.

Lee County has 76 functionally obsolete bridges, compared to 24 in Charlotte County.

There are 30 functionally obsolete bridges in Collier County and four structurally deficient bridges.

In DeSoto County, there are 10 functionally obsolete and two structurally deficient bridges.

In Hendry County there are seven functionally obsolete bridges, two of which are structurally deficient.

All bridges and overpasses in our region have been inspected within the last two years.

The state will receive nearly $245 million over the next five years to repair or replace thousands of bridges in need.

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