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The need for a speed limit is highlighted on a narrow road in Grenofen

A “DRAMATIC” road incident on Whitchurch Road in Grenofen forced residents to stress the need for a speed limit on the narrow road.

On New Year’s Eve, it was reported that a driver lost control of a vehicle traveling on the road towards Tavistock, after hitting a tree before hitting a low wall.

The incident sparked concern among residents who had long campaigned for this stretch of road to have village status – an initiative that was approved by Devon County Council’s HATOC in September last year.

However, since council gave it the green light, residents have said “nothing has been done” to alert motorists that they are traveling in a residential area and to adhere to the new 30 mph speed limit. , from 60 mph.

The road mile has six side roads, as well as many properties with direct access off the road – most with restricted flares.

Affected residents say the road is frequently used by locals, walkers and cyclists.

The call to return the road to 30 mph and change the status of the area to a village began last March and was organized by a group of concerned residents, including Robert Jones.

Mr Jones said the New Years Eve incident was one that “local residents had feared for some time.”

“There are about fifty houses with access to the road where the speed limit is 60 mph, but despite the warning signs to slow down because of pedestrians on the road, there are some drivers who seem to just ignore them. .

“I was one of the residents who expressed concern about the speed of traffic along Whitchurch Road at a highways committee meeting in March 2019.

“We were promised ‘Grenofen village’ signs that would inform drivers that they were approaching a residential area.

“We were also assured that additional traffic speed monitoring would be carried out – almost a year later, we are still waiting for those promises to be kept.

“While sympathizing with those involved in the New Years incident, it serves as a reminder of what can happen on this stretch of road. The Whitchurch Road through Grenofen needs a 30mph speed limit and it needs it now.

Devon County Council was not available for comment at the time of going to press The Times.

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