Narrow road

THE NARROW ROAD – A Guide To Legacy Wealth By Dr. Pamela CV Jolly will be published in September

Wordeee Publishing has announced the upcoming release of Dr. Pamela Jolly’s latest book, “THE NARROWROAD: A Guide to Legacy Wealth” (Hardcover; On sale: September 12, 2022; $29.95; ISBN: 978-1946274786). “The NarrowRoad” is an essential financial wellness resource that takes a revolutionary approach to helping readers realize their dreams as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and use their natural gifts to their fullest potential.

Using Dr. Jolly’s NarrowRoad system, this book acts as a guide for readers on the path to transforming their lives. The author of the book, Dr. Jolly, is a financial professional and expert in financial wellness, creating a legacy, and personal/spiritual growth and development. She is a sought-after global speaker and has given over 250 keynote speeches on Wealth Building. As founder and CEO of Torch Enterprises, an organization dedicated to strategic investing and passing the torch of wealth from one generation to the next, Dr. Jolly has implemented her programs nationwide. .

The NarrowRoad system, presented in the book, uses twenty-four unique “NarrowRoad Identity” (NRID) models developed from research based on Dr. Jolly’s data. It reveals the secrets of creating inherited wealth and building a more equitable world while taking readers on a journey toward true positive transformation by incorporating wealth creation strategies into their lives. Dr. Jolly’s unique system for building a legacy offers a revolutionary approach for people who want to create a better future for themselves and their families.

“Anyone interested in building inherited wealth and creating a better future for future generations will greatly benefit from reading this book. I am excited to share The NarrowRoad System with the world to help others find ways to create a inherited wealth for their families and loved ones,” said Dr. Pamela Jolly, author of “The NarrowRoad.”

“The system I created explores how our legacies are shaped and shaped by our ancestors, which means we have the power to shape the legacies of future generations.”

What’s incredibly unique about “The NarrowRoad” is that it delves into the cultural, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects involved in building inherited wealth and achieving financial well-being. By exploring history, finance, business, strategy, and theology, readers will realize their inalienable right to inherited wealth and be empowered to chart their path to financial success.

“I was struck by the no-nonsense nature and simple premise of ‘The NarrowRoad’. Driving your passion means knowing who you are. This intimacy gives you the greatest likelihood of success on your terms; that full and true American promise can be achieved when we balance the equation for everyone to succeed, and finally, wealth is everyone’s right,” says Marva Allen, Publisher. “Leaving inherited wealth on the table for future generations is the imprint of your life…a statement that you were here and made a difference. This book is for me a solution to all that afflicts us.”

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