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The man moves the koala out of the narrow road to keep it safe. Watch the heartwarming video | Tendency

Koalas are such cute little furry animals native to Australia. And this video shows how a human helped such a creature to safety. There is a chance that the video will leave you with a smile.

In a video shot in Adelaide, Australia, the marsupial is seen sitting in the road looking a little dazed and confused. A person, while driving on the road, notices the animal. Upon noticing the koala bear, the person stops their car to help the animal as it could have been dangerous for the creature to sit in the middle of the road.

However, the koala seems unfazed and doesn’t move, so the person gets out of the car. At first, the person gently pulls the koala off the road. Seeing that the koala was not moving, the person gently picks it up and moves it to the grassy area by the side of the road. The person also waves the koala goodbye after getting it to safety. The video ends with the koala staring at the person.

The video will surely delight you and make you appreciate the beautiful gesture of the person.

Watch the video below:

This video was shot in March 2021 in Adelaide, Australia. What do you think of this cute animal video?

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