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The Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation presents Passio Go! application

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – “Even if you try to explore our system a bit, it will give you an idea if you’ve never used our buses before,” said Elliot Menge.

Earlier this month, the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation introduced the Passio GO to cyclists in the Friendly City.

Recently, HDPT has been working on ways to improve the driver experience, including an information transit system.

“A system that tracks our miles, data, passenger counts, GPS and all of that comes together to hopefully give you a better experience as a passenger in what also comes with a brand new app,” Elliot Menge, transportation superintendent for the department, said.

Passio Technologies serves a number of transportation agencies across the country and now Harrisonburg as well.

“[The app] is available on the App Store and Google Play. It is specifically for the rider. You can see where your route is in real time. You can also see when it is expected to arrive at certain bus stops and you can also plan a trip within the app itself,” added Menge.

Menge said the app is available for free to all runners and is very user-friendly.

He said that some parts of the app require you to familiarize yourself with where you are going and what you are stopping using, saying the most useful part of the app is the live map feature.

“You can click on any different route or on a different bus, and you can see it’s route five, I want to know. It’s just collapse it to look at a route at a time and just explore where he’s going in the city,” he added.

Officials said that while the app is still new, they want to hear your feedback on how it works, and you can do that through the app itself, or you can submit your thoughts. on line.

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