Narrow bridges

The capital budget foresees nearly $ 9 million in 2022 to improve roads, bridges and traffic needs

The city administration spoke about most of the 2022 capital projects at the Dec. 8 budget meeting, such as roads and bridges, water and sewers, cast iron replacement and station upgrades. pumping and reservoirs.

The town hall plans to spend $ 8.6 million next year to meet transportation infrastructure such as roads, bridges and related traffic needs, according to the general capital budget.

The city administration discussed most of the 2022 capital projects at the December 8 budget meeting. Below is a summary of some of these projects.


The engineering department has budgeted $ 3 million to take care of the roads, such as complete rebuilding, deep insulated repairs, milling and paving, thin coatings, leveling, crack sealing and microsurfacing, said manager Bevan Harlton.

Other initiatives include:

  • $ 656,200 to repair sidewalks, curbs, medians and gutters, including $ 47,000 carried over from this year
  • $ 500,000 for intersection improvements, including the addition of signposted crosswalks, with $ 200,000 carried over
  • $ 166,800 for maintenance of lanes and gravel roads
  • $ 4.3 million for the modernization of structures – especially bridges – and $ 742,000 carried over

About 45 percent of that funding is for the Thunderbird Viaduct Rehabilitation Project, Harlton said. Since 90 percent of the project is designed, he will present the project to Canadian Pacific Railway so that they can help share the costs.

Next year will also see further assessments of the viability of the Rue Coteau Est bridge, as well as the creation of a new management plan for the bridge, he added.

  • $ 500,000 for local improvement projects; this money is carried over
  • $ 10,000 for professional and technical consulting services
  • $ 25,000 for legal support
  • $ 25,000 to buy new Christmas decorations downtown; it will be a 10 year project
  • $ 1,445,604 in repayments on the multiplex loan
  • $ 69,221 to install solar panels on five buildings in the city
  • $ 254,500 to renovate the police station

Other services

City hall plans to spend $ 300,000 to install instruments in four high priority areas where the land is collapsing, with $ 135,000 carried over, Harlton said.

A consultant completed the collapse strategy this year and determined that there were four high priority areas, seven medium priority locations and 13 medium priority locations, he continued. Other instruments will be installed over the next few years.

“On the four locations identified, some public infrastructure could be threatened. There are Crown utilities and other park spaces; there are other potential impacts, ”Harlton added.

  • $ 300,000 for major (above ground) storm sewer upgrades and $ 345,000 for minor (underground) storm sewer upgrades, with $ 975,000 carried over;
  • $ 500,000 to install new PVC mains in areas where none existed, with $ 176,000 carried over; this program also includes the ongoing maintenance of approximately 2,800 main water valves and 959 fire hydrants
  • $ 3,657,000 to upgrade the city’s three water reservoirs, with $ 6.31 million carried over to complete the high-service pumping station

The pumping station will be commissioned in the fall of 2022, while equipment at the South Hill pumping station will be upgraded, Harlton said. Meanwhile, the three tanks deliver 10.5 million gallons of water.

In an emergency, this amount of storage would provide three days of water in summer and about a week in winter.

  • $ 300,000 to upgrade supply lines, with $ 50,000 carried over
  • $ 1,642,750 for the installation of an advanced measurement infrastructure, with the same amount carried forward
  • $ 150,000 to create a strategic plan to decommission the old Buffalo Pound 600-millimeter-diameter steel transmission pipeline, with $ 500,000 carried over
  • $ 7.1 million for the replacement of the cast iron main, with a deferral of $ 500,000

Cast iron project

City hall replaced 3,000 meters of pipe this year and plans to complete a similar amount next year, Harlton said. Meanwhile, they also improve sidewalks, roads, underground storm and sewer pipes, and correct shortcomings during replacement.

This project “is near and dear to my heart,” said Coun. Heather Eby. “When we first approved it a long time ago, I don’t think we ever imagined the program would evolve…. It becomes a much more comprehensive field of work.

  • $ 350,000 to complete the new Wellesley Park lift station, with $ 1.45 million carried over; half of the carry-over is for the new Crescent View lift station, which is 60 years old and limits future community growth, especially in the food industry park
  • $ 250,000 for improvements to the wastewater treatment plant, with $ 400,000 carried over
  • $ 3.392 million for the design and construction of sanitary sewer main to meet future growth, with $ 771,000 carried forward to complete pipe relining
  • $ 500,000 is intended for the closure of the landfill, with $ 414,500 carried forward

Together, the main expenses – excluding deferrals – amount to $ 26,239,075.

The next budget meeting is Monday, December 13. The last budget meeting is probably Wednesday December 15th.