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Texas House Democrats celebrate passage of spending bill, GOP hopes Senate defeat

HOUSTON (KIAH) – Texas Democrats in the United States House were eager to celebrate the passage of the Build Better Act in the United States Senate on Friday, even though the future of the bill is uncertain.

Representative Lizzie Fletcher, who represents the 7e District of Houston said passing the Build Back Better Act will bring a lot of good things to families in Houston, including lower health care costs and more child care.

“I am proud of the work I have done on the Energy and Trade Committee to ensure that this bill lowers prescription drug costs for Americans and provides health care coverage for up to ‘to 1.7 million uninsured people in Texas and across the country, “Fletcher said in a statement. . “As a representative of the energy capital of the world, I have worked to ensure that our knowledge and experience is reflected in viable policies to reduce emissions and achieve our climate goals. Houstonians and people across the country will benefit from the Build Back Better Act for generations to come. “

Representative Sylvia Garcia, a Democrat representing the 29e District of Houston said the bill will help families recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Texas families will live healthier lives with access to affordable life-saving medications and return to work with the jobs of the future,” Garcia said. “Children will go back to school and mothers will return to the workforce and realize their career dreams.

“Our country will build better for everyone, not just a few. This one-time investment in a generation will be remembered by our grandchildren as the moment we came together as a nation to build our American dream. “

Houston’s Al Green Rep 9e The district has talked about extending the Bill’s Medicare coverage to Texans. “It will also provide coverage for Medicaid to the millions of people who live in one of the 12 states across the country, including Texas, that have not expanded the program. This means that 1,554,000 Texans who are currently uninsured will now have coverage, ”he said.

All House Republicans voted against the bill, including Representative Troy Nehls of the 22sd District, which occupies parts of the Houston suburbs. He tweeted how much of a burden the $ 1.68 trillion bill would be on taxpayers.

The House GOP is hoping the bill will be defeated in the Senate, where it faces a narrow passage as two moderate Democrats decide the fate of the bill. This is where Senator John Cornyn of Texas thinks the bill will fail.

“Despite their cries to tax the rich, Democrats are preparing absolutely massive handouts for the richest Americans,” Cornyn said in a statement. “The wealthy Americans who stand to gain the most from this change are those who live in blue states like New York and California, which have higher local and state taxes. Under this legislation, they could deduct up to $ 80,000 of their state and local taxes from next year’s federal income tax return, leaving everyone to fill the gap.

“This is tax folly and reckless spending that will benefit the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working families. The last thing we need to do is line the pockets of wealthy Americans while driving up the cost of the middle class. “