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Test: Lifeline Narrow Road 38mm mudguard

If you want an inexpensive mudguard set to avoid splashing on your rides, these Lifeline mudguards do a decent job, and they’re about as cheap as proper mudguards. If you also want to keep your wheel man dry then they really aren’t long enough for this job, and the average mounting kit and lack of quick releases up front would point me to something a bit more expensive.

Using an alloy / plastic construction, the Lifeline mudguards are quite sturdy; you only get one stay up front, but they went through rigorous testing and were thrown into the shed. The shrouds fit into a connector that attaches to the fender and can be moved easily, so they’re fairly straightforward to set up and install. The worst part of the mounting kit is the brake bridge bracket for the rear guard which is a loose plastic object that limits tire clearance both in terms of guard height and tire width. I ended up drilling a hole in the fender and using an L-shaped metal connector instead.

Guards help you stay much drier than without them, there’s no doubt about it. They could do with being longer though. Considerably longer in the back, if ever you ride with other people; the guard is not long enough to prevent the jet from your wheel reaching your friend’s face. In fact, it’s so short that it stops above the wheel axle, making fitting a long tailgate more difficult as it tends to sag on the tire. Up front things are a bit better but they are still quite short and I can’t help but think that a few inches of extra fenders wouldn’t have made a big difference to the price.

£ 18 is cheap as chips for a full-length mudguard set and there’s not much to touch at that price. But it’s not like fenders are particularly expensive, and SKS Bluemels fenders can be purchased online for a few pounds more. They’re longer, have a better mounting kit, and have quick-release mounts up front, so if something gets stuck between the wheel and the fender you won’t end up going over the bars. If you have to spend as little as possible, this is probably the cheapest full coverage you’ll find, but even at the full price, SKS’s are more value for money.

Decent entry-level fenders, but better alternatives don’t really break the bank

Brand and model : Lifeline 38mm narrow road mudguard

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Full-length mudguards provide maximum protection against standing water, keeping you and your bike clean and dry, even in the harshest conditions.

The LifeLine Narrow Road mudguard set is made of a PET / aluminum construction with steel wire stays, making them light and flexible. The PET / aluminum construction is also extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and damage from UV rays. Plastic anti-scratch guards at the ends of the fender blades provide additional protection.

Fully adjustable braces ensure a snug fit, preventing rattling or soiling of any other component. Low profile reinforcement ends reduce the chances of catching your foot in turns.

The LifeLine Narrow Road fender kit is compatible with caliper or disc brakes and comes with full installation instructions and all mounting hardware.

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Key Features of the LifeLine Narrow Road Mudguard Kit



Anti-scratch guards provide extra durability

UV and corrosion resistant

All mounting hardware included

Compatible only with frames and forks fitted with fender brackets

Compatible with caliper and disc brakes

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Not long enough, no quick release at the front

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Decent entry-level fenders, but better alternatives don’t really break the bank

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