Narrow bridges

Supervisors order 2 county bridges closed for repairs


Two county bridges were closed following the state’s biannual bridge inspection.

At their Monday meeting, the Board of Supervisors closed bridges on Route 167 (near Highway 19 North) and Route 171 near Marty Stuart Drive. The two turned out to have problems with the piles.

County Administrator Jeff May said the county plans to make the repairs but doesn’t have a timeline for when the bridges will reopen.

In other actions, supervisors voted for:

• Approve the resignation of Deputy Chris Strickland from the Sheriff’s Department. Strickland was placed on part-time employment status.

• Approve the request to remove a 2003 Dodge Durango and a service taser from the Sheriff’s Department inventory;

• Approve the payment of an annual fee of $300 for the service of the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC);

• Accept May 2022 Daily Meal Log and Detailed County Jail Billing Report.

Supervisors also approved a pay raise of 50 cents for six months of continuous employment as well as an employee resignation.

Ashley Fortune has been reassigned from shift supervisor to jailer. Preston Roebuck has been promoted to shift supervisor. The overseers approved the hiring of a full-time jailer and a part-time jailer;

• Approve the payment of regulatory fees of $450 to DEQ;

• Approve program review for a bridge on Route 739. Supervisors discussed the engineering contract for ground cementing work on Route 448. They approved payments of $119,989 to Site Masters and $8,081 $ to Crowder Engineering;

• Approve the appointment of Stephen Wozencraft as law clerk for the Circuit Judges at the rate of $39,165 plus benefits. Neshoba County pays 30% of his total salary and benefits;

• Approve a salary increase for Victim Assistance Coordinator Jonni Myers in the District Attorney’s Office pursuant to Bill 1424. Neshoba County is responsible for 30% of her salary. Supervisors also approved a pay raise for paralegal Lisa Nowell;

• approve payment of travel and membership fees totaling $550 for the Coroner to attend the summer conference;

• Approve the hiring of three new telecommunications operators for the Emergency Management Service;

• Accept the resignation of Ken Spears as Linwood Fire Protection District Commissioner. Wesley Spears has been approved to complete his term which ends in January;

• Approve the removal of a GE refrigerator from the inventory list at the Neshoba County Coliseum;

• Approve county employee payroll ending May 16 totaling $249,483. Supervisors also approved county employee payrolls ending May 30 and totaling $181,658. Supervisors approved a special payroll for county employees ending May 30 and totaling $265;

• Approve the payroll of elected officials ending June 1st and totaling $52,076; and,

• Approve the claims file and accept the May 2022 purchasing officer’s report.

Supervisors considered a 2021 tax holiday from Weyerhaeuser.

They also considered a request from the Master Gardeners to use the courthouse lobby hallway for a flower display and performance from June 29 to July 1.