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Speeding, narrow road causing incidents at Moshi toll booth, Alandi road

Commuting on the Pune-Alandi road to Magazine chowk has become a nightmare for many commuters with frequent traffic jams and slow traffic. On the other hand, the Moshi toll plaza is infamous for speeding vehicles and has been the scene of three fatal accidents this year.

The Pune traffic service has identified places like Magazine chowk on the Pune-Alandi road and Moshi tollgate as one of the most accident-prone places in the city. On Tuesday, the Hindustan Times team visited these locations to learn more about the issues faced by commuters at these locations.

At Chowk Magazine, commuters found that the road had not been widened, making the stretch unsafe for commuters.

Satish Devkate, a frequent traveler on this route, said: “I travel from Chowk Magazine daily and it is very difficult to get around on this route due to the long traffic jams due to the narrow road. During rush hour traffic moves very slowly. the width of the road is also not sufficient and this causes traffic jams. Road widening works can solve this problem. I take more than an hour to reach my house.

“Recently, there was no major accident at Chowk Magazine. Road widening works have been underway for six months, which could reduce congestion on this section in the future. We also called for a meeting on commuter safety, ”said CV Kendre, Vishrantwadi API.

Devkate pointed out that the main reason for the increasing traffic congestion on this road is the increasing number of vehicles, as vehicles from Bhosari-Pune road and Alandi-Pune road converge at this place.

A resident of Bhosari, Swapnil Pawar, also shared similar views. “Vehicles enter this road from the airport and Yerwada adds to the number of vehicles already on this section. People do not obey the traffic rules and therefore minor accidents happen on this road, ”he said.

Moshi Toll Road has many issues such as lack of proper planning, high speed vehicles and lack of high speed brakes. “The Moshi Toll Road needs better planning as the number of vehicles traveling on this road has been steadily increasing. In addition, vehicles were seen speeding on this road. There is no speed brake on the road except near the tollgate, which is a problem, said Swapna Bhalerao, a frequent traveler.

“Many accidents on this road (Moshi Tollgate) were due to excessive speed. In addition, these accidents happened at night. You can’t increase the number of speed bumps here because it’s a highway. We advised people to obey the speed limit, ”said Deputy Police Inspector Arun Ombas. We have also launched a campaign on accident prevention, he added.

When contacted, Arun Sabnis, president of the Fulora Foundation, which works on road safety, said: “To avoid road accidents, we need to improve community participation. The traffic policy should work on an intersection improvement plan. Improper speed brakes also cause many accidents on the road.

He said there was a need to reduce driver stress and install cameras to measure vehicle speed in order to avoid overspeed incidents. People may be advised not to use reserved bus lanes to make the roads safer and reduce travel time.

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