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Simon Bridges’ Favorite Things Might Surprise You

After attending thousands of interviews, Simon Bridges is on the other side of the mic.

The former MP and National Party leader has a new job as host of General Famous on Stuff.

Each week he meets a New Zealander who has spent time in the limelight, including rower Eric Murray, presenter Petra Bagust and journalist Andrea Vance.

Bridges is also the managing director of Auckland Business Chamber and is married with three children.

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Some of Simon Bridges’ favorite things…

TV show

I know I’m late to the party, but after all the hype, I finally threw Stranger Things on Netflix, half expecting to hate it, but really enjoying it. I like the clothes, the music, the general atmosphere.


More recently it must have been Gemmayze Street on K Road. It feels wholesome and wholesome, and yet it’s also exceptionally delicious. Like so many others these days, I’m a real sucker for having lots of dishes to share; babaganouj, falafel, beetroot and my favorite dish, slow braised shoulder of lamb.


I love going back to the music I loved when I was young, and Radiohead definitely falls into that category. One of their songs that I particularly like is called Talk Show Host. Although I don’t fully understand the lyrics, I appreciate how dark and provocative they are. Sums up my mood on certain days.

Simon Bridges relates to mood


Simon Bridges relates to Radiohead’s “dark and defiant” mood on some days.

Things to buy in the supermarket

Tomatoes and bananas because they are healthy. My wife Natalie doesn’t seem to buy enough, and you can never have too much, morning, noon and night. And magazines. You can’t have too many magazines either, whether it’s gardening, cars, news or gossip.

Work of art

On our first major post-Covid trip to the UK, we went to Crosby Beach just outside Liverpool. It was the hottest day in the UK and among all the sunburnt pom poms were 100 life-size cast iron men by famous sculptor Antony Gormley in the tide and sand. I understand that the piece, titled Another Place, was originally quite controversial and seen as ruining the natural habitat. Since then, most have taken it to heart. My family and I found them very stimulating, a real conversation piece.

Item of clothing

I think it’s (mostly) true to say that since my teenage years I’ve always had a pair of Chuck Taylors, usually in black canvas, and a few hoodies to go with them. With blue jeans, these are my favorite casual clothes, comfy clothes if you will.


Of the many podcasts I enjoy, I highly recommend Table Talk from The Spectator magazine. The basic concept is that high-profile people, often foodies, talk about their earliest food memories, school food and their ideal last meal, as well as career highlights, and more. It’s not only entertaining, but it proves that you learn a lot about life through food.

Simon Bridges' Comfort Clothes: Chuck Taylors and Comfort Romantic Comedy: Notting Hill.


Simon Bridges’ Comfort Clothes: Chuck Taylors and Comfort Romantic Comedy: Notting Hill.


I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I love good rom-coms from the 90s. In fact, Four Weddings and a Funeral by Richard Curtis, Notting Hill and Pretty Woman are some of the few movies I can still watch and again and never. be fed up.


I never “had” perfumes when I was younger, but more recently I have gained a real appreciation. I particularly like those with an exotic provenance and pedigree, let’s say inspired by the ancient world where everything was cedar, myrrh and frankincense. A few years ago, Natalie and I became the New Zealand distributors for Penhaligon’s, a British perfume house that I like, but alas, someone already had the rights.


I have a dozen “favorite” spots for Hahei’s future homes at Coromandel in St James’s in London, once I’ve won the Lotto. But I will choose Lake Tarawera in Bay of Plenty. In addition to the fantastic fishing, the mountain, lake, and whakapapa of the place have a very mystical, semi-spiritual quality that always haunts me when I’m there.

weekend ritual

Weekends in my exuberant and eclectic home can involve anything and everything. But we try to establish some traditions on a Sunday; church and a late afternoon beer and chips at 46 & York Bar, Parnell. I look forward to beer all day and the kids love the fries and ketchup.

Who is your favorite person

My wonderful wife, Natalie Bridges. We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last month and she keeps me happy and above all on the straight and narrow. I couldn’t do without her and she’s too good for me.

What has been your favorite job

It seems selfish right now, but after law and politics and now business, I’m enjoying my side business immensely, the usually famous podcast with stuff. Conversation with usually famous, but still interesting people is always worthwhile.