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Scarlett winery approved over neighbors’ objections to narrow road | New

“Quite simply, Ponti Road is too narrow to support evacuation vehicles and emergency response vehicles…. Access to a commercial cellar on Ponti Road has the potential to create a recipe for disaster, ”lawyer Ellison Folk wrote.

The Scarlett winery would be in the heart of Napa Valley. But, due to the proposed access to Ponti Road, Folk called the site “remote.”

County Public Works Director Steven Lederer said the county road standard applies to new road construction, not existing roads. Many wineries are on roads that do not meet this standard. About a third of county roads do not meet this standard.

“This is typical of counties that have been around for 150 years,” Lederer said.

County public works staff and firefighters found no disqualifying safety issues with Ponti Road.

The county’s general plan policies discourage the addition of new fairways to Silverado Trail, Lederer said. The goal is to keep traffic flowing.

Reicher, in a letter, said creating an entrance to the Silverado Trail would result in the removal of two acres of vineyards. He would need to move power lines, remove trees, add a left turn lane to Silverado Trail, and build an access road to reach a vineyard that county setbacks demand to be found. at least 600 feet from the Silverado Trail.

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