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Rotocontrol organizes an open day in Germany

Rotocontrol has partnered with Domino, EyeC and Phoseon to organize an open house on November 24-25, 2021 at its facilities in Siek, Germany. The event featured a live demonstration of an end-to-end integrated digital inkjet hybrid solution with the Rotocontrol DT 2.0 label finishing machine, Domino’s N610i label press, EyeC ProofRunner Web line inspection and Nexus ONE UV LED curing from Phoseon Solution.

“We were delighted to welcome over 60 guests on our two open days, including customers, suppliers and partners of Rotocontrol,” said Marco Aengenvoort, Managing Director of Rotocontrol. “Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus situation, several registrants canceled at the last minute. But our demonstration center remains open to anyone wishing an on-site or virtual demonstration of our finishing machines.

Features of the running hybrid solution included multiple die-cutting stations, rotary flatbed and flexo screen printing units, up to seven colors, including opaque white, with a native print resolution of 600 dpi, combining the productivity of flexo printing with the flexibility offered by rapidly changing digital job technology. The N610i Integration Module integrates Domino’s automated and intelligent i-Tech productivity features for enhanced flexibility and reliability.

Other capabilities presented to visitors in the hybrid range include laminating, cold foil stamping, hot stamping, label inspection with 100% quality control, corona treatment, UV LED curing and a small roll programmable automatic turret winder.

Two Ecoline RSI label finishing machines were also presented at the open day with the Domino K600i inkjet printer for barcode and QR code printing, the UV LED curing solution at high dose Phoseon FJ240 and EyeC ProofRunner web inspection system including rolling code reading. The EyeC Quality Manager system was also presented, which allows the evaluation of data exported automatically from the press inspection system before transmitting it to the rewinder, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime. The EyeC Finishing Manager software controlling the rewinder then uses the published data to automatically stop and place the defect when the operator needs to remove the defective material.

The RCF is also in the demo showroom, a high quality die-cutting machine that can be custom built with a range of options for finishing blank labels, multilayer labels, blister sheets , RFID smart tickets / labels and more, and the advanced RSC 2.0 inspection cutter / rewinder. EMT’s punching and slitting modules were on display and Actega’s coatings were also showcased, providing functional, visual and haptic effects for a one-sided or two-sided finish.

On Friday, November 26, an in-depth video of the end-to-end digital inkjet hybrid solution was shot, in addition to videos of the two ECOLINE RSI label finishing machines and live drone footage captured during the open day.

The hybrid solution with Domino’s Rotocontrol DT 2.0 label finishing machine and N610i label press has been sold and will soon be shipped to the United States. A replacement demo is expected to be available in early 2022.