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s-Gravenzande 04.11.2021 – On May 3, B&W received questions about public transport issues in Julianneve, Koning.

According to article 42 of the internal regulations, they inform you as follows.


From January 4, 2021, the temporary bus stop in ‘s-Gravenzande’ on both sides of the Koningin Julianalaan was accessible to residents of the WV ‘s-Gravenzande fraction about De Brug. This stop is the last stop of line 32, called the “hospital line”, and line 31 will also stop here. Due to the lack of information on parking and bus shelters, there is no shelter for travelers in case of bad weather.

question 1
Is the Council ready to consult EBS and MRDH to return bus 32 and stop at the old site of Naaldwijkseweg?

Answer 1
Since the entry into force of the new Haaglanden Streek offer in summer 2019, line 32 on Gravenzande runs in one direction from Naaldwijkseweg / Beukenlaan / Vondellaan / Vestdijklaan / Oudelandstraat / Wijkinald / Koning toning. However, this route sparked complaints from residents of Naaldwijkseweg and Beukenlaan. These are mainly related to vibrations and dangerous traffic conditions of the narrow gauge at Naaldwijkseweg. To provide a solution to this, the draft transport plan 2021 of the Naaldwijkseweg / Koningin Julianweg / Rijnvaartweg / Queen Julian aweg / Naaldwijkseweg roundabout has been included in the EBS in consultation with MRDH and EBS. . Since extended buses can also be used on this route, the 32nd line can provide adequate capacity during peak hours. The draft transport plan has been approved by the board committee of the Haaglanden EBS Transport Directorate 2021 July 2020 MRDH. Since the start of 2021, bus line 32 has been running in both directions via Naaldwijkseweg / Koningin Julian aweg / Rijnvaartweg / Koningin Julianweg / Naldwijkseweg at the roundabout.

question 2
Can’t the well-appointed parking lot on the bridge on either side of the Oudelandstraat be reopened, which can also be done for bus 31?

Answer 2
Bus shelters from the De Brook stop have recently been moved to the Julianavek stop in Koning. More information on the missing stops is included here at the same time. The bicycle clamps can be moved in a short time. It is being studied to see if a safe crossing can be implemented to facilitate the transition from line 31 to line 32. At the start of 2022, these activities will be accompanied by the overhaul of this part of the Koning Julianavek. De Brug, a former stop on the Oudelandstraat, can no longer be added to the timetable for bus line 31. Due to the increase in travel time, line 31 is no longer linked to the timetable for bus line 31. public transport lines to Hoekse Lijn and The Hague.

question 3
Is the alderman ready to reuse the old stop on the bridge at Oudelandstraat for buses 32 and 31? Used?

Answer 3
See answers 1 and 2

Question 4
Who brought all this?

Answer 4
See the answer to question 1

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