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Potholes: not potholes, narrow road to blame for traffic jams, according to PWD | Goa News

PANAJI: PWD Superintendent Engineer for National Roads Vijay Verenkar, who inspected the site of the traffic jam along the NH-66 on Monday morning, denied that the recently developed potholes were the cause. He attributed the grunting traffic to the 200m stretch between the Agasaim junction (Detteakodde) and the Agasaim police station where the road narrows and slows traffic.

“The bottleneck is only along the 200m stretch in Agasaim. It takes time for traffic to move along this stretch. There is no problem on the Cortalim side, it is wide enough, ”said Vernekar, adding that there had been no obstructions and there had been no accidents on the road. , he added.
Throughout Monday, traffic stopped along the road from the Verna side to the Agasaim junction. When pointed out that heavy traffic noise started last week after a period of drought, he said the rains swept away PWD’s attempts to fill potholes on the same stretch .
Vernekar denied that this was due to the poor quality material used to fill the potholes. “We don’t use rubble. We use aggregates and concrete, ”he said. “We are trying to divert the water. We’re going to fill in the potholes, but we’re waiting for some respite from the rains. It’s not that PWD has neglected the road, we are doing our best, ”he added.
When asked if PWD would consider widening the narrow stretch of road, a source said she was considering raising the road or putting gutters to the side for which she would have to access private land. “Although the private land is being acquired, PWD has not paid for it and that would be a problem,” an official said.
Atul Joshi of Dilip Buildcon, who has been entrusted with the bridge construction work, said: “Nothing has changed regarding the bridge construction work in recent days. Even we are surprised to know why traffic jams occur. ”

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