Narrow house

Pipeline: Volcom replay

True story: Pipe continued its epic surf dream run in January as a strong northwesterly swell unloaded on its legendary volcanic reef all day today. The best tuberiders in the world were out, huddled on the ledge in crystal blue caverns. And we were live all afternoon through sundown, beach, canal and sky, with hosts Dave Wassel and Rocky Canon calling in the action as it unfolded. , directly from the Volcom House. Press play above to watch the highlight reel, check below for the full replay, scroll below for amazing rides and prediction info. And come back tomorrow afternoon – it could be Happy Hour again.

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Replay: No, we don’t know who this goofyfoot is yet. But chances are he didn’t really miss his Mai Tai party on that particular Aloha Friday sunset. Chances are he’ll remember it for the rest of the year.

Replay: entry by Gavin Beschen. Yes, he’s been doing this for years. To have fun.

Rebroadcast: Mikey Bruneau, faithful from the Côte-Nord.

Rebroadcast: Makana Pang. “I was sitting looking for some of these Backdoors,” he said. And FWIW, he was on a 5’11”. (“I probably should have been on a bigger board,” he laughed afterward.

Last week, Kala Grace landed the wave of the day – if not the season – at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout – 12 points. Today he wasn’t so lucky, but he came back after this one. That’s pretty much what you have to do.

Replay: unidentified charger (for now).

We caught up with Surfline’s chief forecaster, Jonathan Warren, this afternoon. “It’s coming…” he said. “The overlaid mix of WNW-NW swells this morning was at the optimum size for the Pipeline arena. Additionally, the broad spectrum of WNW to NW angles and the mix of medium to long period bands kept the sets sufficiently fragmented to produce occasional A-frames and the must-have merchandise on both Pipe and Backdoor.This will change over the rest of the day, however, as the long-running WNW energy quickly builds. of increasing size, dominant WNW direction and long period energy will mean that backdoor options will diminish as the left of the pipeline reigns supreme.The question now is – will it become too much? big for Pipe?

“It’s likely that Pipe will eventually peak,” he said. “The rest of the day will be a race towards a narrow window between wind and size. The wind is currently blowing from a north-easterly sideshore direction, which should pick up a bit more over the next two hours to around 6-8 knots and add some surface texture to the lineup – not too bad, however – manageable, but not ideal. Then at the end of the afternoon until the evening, we wait for the wind to turn a little more favourable, towards an ENE side-offshore direction. During this time the swell will rise rapidly. We expect occasional sets to top out on Second and Third Reef Pipe by the end of the day, with First Reef getting a bit unruly. (It’s likely that some of these sets will appear even earlier, but more rarely.)”

Oh, and here’s a sample of what Pipe has been up to so far today:

Jack Robinson. Photo: Pete Hodgson

Stack of Balaram. Photo: Pete Hodgson

Griffon Colapinto. Photo: Pete Hodgson