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Pioneering “Weisman Worldwide Entertainment” Connects Entertainment Technology to Aerospace and Defense

Cory Weismanfounder and CEO of Weisman Global Entertainment started his company with the vision of presenting cutting-edge technology opportunities for everyone. It began with a mission to bring world-leading technologies to the realms of the Hollywood film and entertainment industry during the internet technology boom of the late 90s and early 2000s. At the time, the internet was still in its infancy and bandwidth was tight. There was no real connection between Silicon Valley and Hollywood producers. Studios, networks and production companies all wanted and, more importantly, needed alternative distribution channels for their content – ​​and the emerging digital internet was just that. Weisman left his longtime position at International creative management (ICM, one of Hollywood’s Big Three Talent Agencies) as Head of New Media and Animation. A department he launched after identifying the potential for growth in these disciplines. His mission was to find the cutting-edge technology approaches that would support much more than animated shorts or communications over a dial-up modem or even a DSL cable.

Weisman around the world was the first NEW MEDIA agency in Hollywood to focus on Digital content distribution. Some initial customers included Dreamworks Animation, Microsoft, Sony Digital, the Webby Awards and Carsey-Werner Television to name a few. Around 2014, long after bandwidth was no longer an issue, Weisman refocused its efforts on the new wave of technological advancements, “immersive and virtual” experiences, including: Holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality and all forms of 3D visualization. These technologies were becoming extremely relevant in games, entertainment production, and advertising, but Weisman saw immediate applications for other major and global industries. The business has now seen the firm evolve into an essential first contact for many North American Aerospace and Defense Contractors.

Weisman’s experience, deep passion for technology and forward-thinking approach have always been driving factors for various innovations throughout his career. Once an influential Hollywood agent, he developed this orientation, to venture even further into new multimedia applications and software platforms – explore all the possibilities of crossover within the different verticals and interdependent fields of activity.

As the venture was the first of its kind in Hollywood, Weisman and his team continue to identify and provide leaders in immersive and advanced technologies around the world. Weisman Worldwide is best known for its content development and production, bespoke 3D visualization solutions including state-of-the-art 3D holographic displays, AR/VR and mixed realities, live event productions and the creation of 3D content..

These distinctive and influential technologies have shaped Weisman around the worlde into a prominent figure in the industry. After forging itself outside the Hollywood circle and developing in the military and aerospace fieldsthe company has forged strategic partnerships over the years with renowned institutions such as Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Sony, US Air Force, Navy, and defensive contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies.

Last month alone, September 2022 inclusions and demonstrations by Weisman around the world in Washington DC included the prestigious “OSD – Project Thunderstorm”, an event at which only 50 of more than 2,000 companies compete to qualify to participate in a series of submission stages identifying potential integration capabilities and the proprietary nature of their demonstrations and proposed technologies. This is the 2nd year Weisman around the world was chosen for the conference. The Lockheed Martin Innovation Team was their sponsor. In the past 45 days alone, Weisman product lines and solutions have been featured in Washington DC, Orlando, Beverly Hills, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, Las Vegas and Toronto industry leaders in the public and private sectors.

Business innovations have had a significant impact on many areas of our society, spurring growth and evolution within these spheres. The company benefits from its position among a handful of defense contractors and distributors who supply many items for C2 solutions, combat capabilities and having the credentials to deal with the military and defensewhile Weisman’s team is transforming 3D visualization capabilities into a standalone area of ​​commercial development and research.

From the company award-winning technologies and partnerships with innovators like Curo-International, increase the efficiency of aerospace inventory tracking by approximately 30% using patented RFID technology and robotic mechanisms. These applied sciences work in collaboration to constitute and supervise inventories by 3D visualization of the surrounding space. This creates a simulated environment that replicates all of the POV and spatial elements that physically exist in the room, allowing for advanced measurements and calculations. Holosuita fully haptic body glove-like suit that incorporates native data analysis, AI and roboticsand is already used for military training, animation and advanced motion capture for live and virtual 3D modeling projects. Forbes magazine named this technological advance the “Ready Player, One suit” (in reference to Steven Spielberg’s film)

Weisman around the world also incorporates technologies capable of detecting and analyzing defined environments such as their 360, 3D hologram tables as part of their overall migration to engineering and designing all things tangible, including projects for the new digital world being built in the metaverse. This hardware and software solution is currently used in many Washington, DC situational analysis scenarios, multiple defense contractors, and even several North American and Australian schools and universities.

According to Weisman around the world team, “Hologram tables are large, flat surfaces with a built-in projection system. The device projects objects that appear to protrude from the surface of the table up to about 1 meter. And the images are incredibly realistic and interactive , so you can zoom in or out to sub-1mm resolution, which is government-grade facial recognition capability.”You have to see it in person to believe it,” Weisman said, as he finished a demonstration for a former 3-star general in the nation’s capital. “The general gave it an A+” overall. Influencing positive change and progress keeps me excited for the future and to continue to find new advancements that are still undiscovered in research and development around the world.

The company also states that some of their exclusive hologram offerings are particularly unique and popular for their ability to allow multiple people to simultaneously approach objects, from all sides of a hologram, making them the only displays of visualization of their gender.

Weisman around the world unveiled a major breakthrough in streaming large data sets in 3D exclusively in North America. The “Unlimited Detail” software known as “udStream” can enhance all of their 3D displays with an algorithm recently discovered by their partners at Euclideon in Brisbane, Australia. This highly sought-after innovation allows data sets of any size to be downloaded almost instantly. This capability provides an immediate solution for many industries. Big data management tools like udStream are needed in many industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, military applications, mining and defense.

While Weisman has unquestionably impacted the US military and defense with its cutting-edge technology solutions, the company affirms its duality and adaptability through its major influence in Hollywood entertainment and film. The company is currently working on a HBO series and developing a one-hour drama pilot for a major network season next season. “If you’re as busy and diverse as our team, you need to build your projects and your journey on your team’s experience, loyalty and work ethic. “We are fortunate at Weisman Worldwide to have such a large, visionary cross-section of talented creatives in technology and entertainment on board.”

Every company partnership is measured by the ability to add a proprietary solution as a stand-alone or integrable asset for improve another technology in Weisman’s customer base. This is an integral and highly valued ideological aspect of the business, stated from the outset by Weisman, as his personal goal is to provide a clear path and added value to his customer base, providing the Gold Standard for Technology Solutions for everyone. By creating products and services that introduce multiple approaches, it can offer new range to many different collaborative environments.

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