Narrow house

OMG, I want this house: Pound Ridge, NY

There’s nothing better than being treated to a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, except perhaps acquiring a lavish resort outside of Manhattan to make your own. Both dream scenarios involve Richard Gere, but sadly he only foots the bill for the first… and only if your name is Julia Roberts—er—Vivian Ward. But that doesn’t mean becoming queen of a bucolic New York estate is a pipe dream. For a modest $28 million, this Pound Ridge resort that Mr. Gere has enjoyed for 20 years could now be yours.

There are five different structures scattered around the property (read: plenty of breathing space between you and your fellow citizens when you need some alone time). This one comes from the main house which has nearly 11,700 square feet. It’s giant — three stories, eight bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms — but still retains that cozy New England charm.

And on the theme of loot counting, the main house also has nine chimneys. But don’t worry, it’s mostly just decoration. Although putting logs on the fire will create the perfect ambiance during the winter, this is not an old English mansion – central heating and air conditioning is also available.

It turns out that when Gere says he has a “music room”, he means that in a very narrow sense. We suspect this distinguished actor may be a little obsessed with guitars. While you can make this room anything your heart desires when you’re Lady of the Estate, we recommend sticking with the spirit of the space, but perhaps thinking a bit more broadly in this regard. concerning the instruments at hand.

If you happened to be blindfolded as you entered the house and managed to miss the impressively tall and chic facade, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a very well-kept chef’s quaint country kitchen. stocked. We love the vibe that screams, “It cost you tens of millions, but it’s still cozy and charming.”

This house is only an hour from Manhattan, but it covers an impressive tract of land near the Connecticut border. Gere has spent over 10 years buying different plots of land to build this fantastic nearly 50 acre resort.

Alas, love changes everything. In 2018, the 72-year-old actor married his third wife and they had two children. They’re now looking for a fresh start in upstate New York with a property that isn’t haunted by the spirits of Gere’s exes. It’s probably a good move as we suspect that Vivian Ward doesn’t respect the intentions of a good sage.

This gorgeous mid-bath tub isn’t just for relaxation. With a barn, paddock and many hills, the obligation to acquire horses is practically integrated into the contract of ownership of the house. Let’s face it, even if you imagine yourself to be a Yellowstone character, you are not. Your muscles will thank you for some quality soaking time after a long day of recreational trotting around your ladies farm.

This bed is not the only thing hidden in the house. The entire property has a glorious sense of seclusion upon entering. To access the house you have to go deep into the property via a long and winding road.

We’ll never forget to point out the obligatory mansion pool. Rather than a concrete terrace, however, this man-made swimming hole is surrounded by giant trees and a lush green lawn that help it retain its bucolic feel. Now, we don’t like to broach difficult topics when you envision your dream future, but who’s going to get stuck mowing that huge lawn? Not me !

We explore a sprawling complex filled with amenities owned by one of America’s great players – you didn’t think a single pool was all the activity from tap water, did you? For those days when you’re feeling extra anti-chlorine, you can stroll down to your own private pond which includes a rowing boat and sandy beach. If we hadn’t looked at a map, we wouldn’t have believed this property was landlocked.

Not only is there natural isolation when you own 50 acres of land, but this compound has an added layer of protection against pesky strangers. It’s bordered by 4,300 acres of conservation land, which means no crazy developers will come to your side of town trying to pave all the nearby green space.

We get it – sometimes the genteel library in your primary residence just won’t be enough to keep you moving and transacting on weekdays. But there’s no point in panicking and making an angry appeal to what we can only assume to be your army of helpers. Rest assured that one of the additional structures in the property is equipped with a very comfortable office, setting a whole new bar for the idea of ​​’working from home’.

Some properties have hidden passageways or hidden messages etched into the door frames (oh how little Teddy has grown.) What Richard Gere chooses to hide on his bevy of land is an entire football field. We are there for that.

The main house was built in 2000 and for 20 years Gere made this complex his home, expanding it steadily for most of that time. While we’re sure it’s devastating to leave this beautiful land, the good news is that you can buy what we’re sure is a world of its own for you and yours.