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Of the. Chanel Branch loses House seat as Baltimore City and County primary races settle – Baltimore Sun

Baltimore City Del. Chanel Branch, daughter of House Majority Whip Talmadge Branch, will not return to Annapolis to represent District 45 in January.

According to results certified Tuesday by the Baltimore City Board of Elections, Branch, which represents Hamilton, Gardenville, Armistead Gardens and other neighborhoods, lost by an extremely narrow margin. Winners Caylin Young, deputy director of the City of Baltimore Office of Equity and Civil Rights, and Stephanie Smith, co-host of Branch, beat her by 116 and 187 votes, respectively.

Smith, who got 22.85% of the vote, and Young, with 22.66%, will appear on the ballot alongside fellow Democrat and community liaison for the wards mayor’s office, Jackie Addison. All three will face Republican Antonio Barboza in November.

The top three candidates in the November elections will get seats. Representatives to the Maryland House of Delegates serve four-year terms. State legislators in the House and Senate are typically paid around $50,000 a year.

Smith declared herself the winner last week via Twitter.

“FINALLY I am happy to announce that I have won my primary to return to the Maryland House of Delegates,” Smith wrote in a tweet. thread Friday. “Thank you to all of my family, friends, colleagues, volunteers and neighbors who sacrificed their time and treasures to support our campaign.”

Branch did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Todd Huff emerged victorious in the race for the Republican nomination in Baltimore County’s District 42B, beating Jay Walton by just 70 votes. Huff will face incumbent Democrat Michele Guyton in November.

District 42B, which covers the Warren area, has only one representative in the House of Delegates.

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Walton conceded via a Facebook video on Saturday afternoon, introducing himself as “your former Republican candidate for the House of Delegates.”

“I don’t want to say I lost the election, but I certainly missed election night,” he continued. “I was early, then the mail-in ballots did it for me.”

Attorney N. Scott Phillips declared victory Saturday in District 10, which runs through Randallstown and Reisterstown. He will appear with fellow Democratic candidates Jennifer White and House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones on the November ballot.

“We won,” Phillips wrote. “After 10 days of mail and a provisional recount, we can finally claim victory in the Democratic primary for the Maryland House of Delegates, 10th District.”

The primary was July 19.

The three will face off against Republican candidates Patricia R. Fallon and Jordan Porompyae in November’s general election. The first three voters win seats.

Democrat Aletheia McCaskill won the race to be on the ballot alongside incumbent Sheila Ruth, who is also a Democrat in District 44B. With no Republican opposition, the two are expected to represent the Catonsville and Woodlawn area in the House of Delegates in January.