Narrow house

New Hampshire House seats moved from Republican to Democrat – NBC Boston

A recount in a race for New Hampshire House reduced Republicans’ already slim partisan advantage in the Legislature.

I’m really proud of the race that everyone ran,” Democrat Maxine Mosley said.

Mosley makes Granite State history – getting elected to the House of Representatives by the slimmest of margins: one vote.

“It’s really important for people to understand that voting is important.”

The Manchester Democrat emerged victorious after a Tuesday recount against incumbent Republican Larry Gagne, who finished 23 votes ahead of his opponent on election night. Gagne — seeking his eighth term — plans to ask election officials to review the latest results while rejecting suggestions of irregularities — telling us the election in New Hampshire is, in my opinion, fair.

“When you have a house in New Hampshire with 400 people, recounts are part of the normal process here in New Hampshire every two years,” Gagne told NBC10 Boston.

A few close recounts are helping Democrats gain a lot of ground in the traditionally GOP-controlled House. By one estimate, Republicans only have a two-seat majority.

“It’s unprecedented in New Hampshire. We’ve had a narrow majority at home before, but not whiskers like this. In fact, it’s still a leap. It could be that the Democrats are in the driver’s seat. “Gagne said.

Mosley says he expects his recount to be confirmed after being certified by the secretary of state. Still, the retired educator says eight ballots will be subject to final inspection. She understands why her opponent would want this to happen.

“If I were in his place with just one vote, I would do the exact same thing,” she said.

The state’s Ballot Law Commission will make that final decision on those outstanding ballots a few days after Thanksgiving.