Narrow bridges

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What are some grocery shopping tricks to beat inflation?

Consumer prices have risen following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and, coupled with inflation, Finns’ purchasing power is declining. Image: Tiina Jutila/Yle

HS presents images of the first stages of a 1.2 kilometer long bridge emerging from the sea between Korkeasaari Zoo and the coast of Laajasalo.

The bridge, which will be the longest in Finland, is expected to cost the city some 326 million euros. The project was initially controversial, as the bridge will have tram lanes and space for cyclists, but no road for private cars.

The bridge is expected to be completed in 2027.

Passport Queues

In recent months, police departments across the country have reported a substantial increase in the number of people seeking to renew their passports.

HBL caught up with a mother and daughter who had been in line for 2.5 hours. They hadn’t been able to make an appointment for the coming month.

Police have hit back at criticism that they are not doing enough to shorten post-Covid queues.

“For the past nine months, we have been staying open at weekends to break up the backlog,” said Helsinki’s chief police commissioner. Pekka Kallio said HBL.

Ten euro shopping list

The cost of food is rising, so how do you save at the supermarket checkout?

A basket containing rice, chicken, ground beef, potatoes and frozen vegetables came in at just under ten euros in a shopping list shared by the deacon of Riihimäki Tiina Heiskanen.

She says she compiled the list to show how to make multiple meals with less than ten dollars.

“The parish food grants are small. This sample list allows people to get as much for as little as possible,” Heiskanen told IL.