Narrow transportation


Persistent drought conditions across much of the state prompted the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot) to extend the special overwidth haul permit for hay at no charge through December 1, 2022. Loads must have legal height, length and weight. Permits can be requested online using the MoDot Carrier Express service. To get the fee waived, customers can write a comment on the fee waiver request or call when submitting their request for the agent to waive the fee.

Prior to transportation, drivers must apply for the special over-width permit for loads that exceed eight feet six inches in width and plot their route to avoid work areas, bridges, and other areas with weight, load, and weight restrictions. narrow or high lanes. Information is available on the MoDot information card at

The MoDot Waiver and Special Overwidth Permit allows drivers to:

-Get the license free of charge.
– Transport loads of hay up to twelve feet six inches wide using a general permit. Haul loads of hay up to fourteen feet wide using a single trip permit.
-Move hay during holiday periods and at night. At night or when visibility is less than five hundred feet, drivers may use oversize load reflective signs and clearance lights instead of the normal flags required at the edges of the load.

Drivers must follow all permit requirements, such as using appropriate signage and lighting and stopping at weigh stations.

To obtain a permit, hay transporters must visit to login and use MoDot Carrier Express to order permits.