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Ministry of Transport publishes latest flight requirements

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Air Transport Directorate of the Ministry of Transport has released the latest flight regulations through Circular Letter (SE) Number 88 of 2021 on Guidelines for the Implementation of Domestic Travel by air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the existence of this circular, the previous circulars – SE Number 62 of 2021 and SE Number 70 of 2021 – are revoked and declared invalid.

“This latest circular number 88 of 2021 is effective from October 24, 2021,” Air Transport Director General Novie Riyanto said on Friday.

Riyanto noted that the latest circular refers to the circular of the working group on the management of COVID-19 number 21 of 2021, the instructions of the Minister of the Interior (Inmendagri) number 53 of 2021 and Inmendagri number 54 of 2021. .

The last circularly regulated passengers with flights from or to the airports of the islands of Java and Bali, between the cities of the islands of Java and Bali, as well as the zones of PPKM categories level 4 and 3, to present a card of vaccination of at least the first dose of vaccination and a negative result in the RT-PCR test maximum two days before departure.

Meanwhile, for flights to and from airports outside Java and Bali with PPKM level 1 and 2 status, passengers must present a negative RT-PCR test result, with the sample taken no more than two days before departure or a negative result of their rapid antigen test, with the sample taken no more than one day before departure.

However, Riyanto highlighted several exceptions for unvaccinated passengers, especially children under 12, potential passengers with special conditions with a letter from a doctor stating that they are not able to take the vaccine. COVID-19, and air transport in the most remote, remote, and underdeveloped areas (3T).

Riyanto said children under 12 are allowed to travel with their parents or family, present a family card (KK) and present the COVID-19 test result from the respective region.

During the implementation of this circular, narrow and wide body aircraft are allowed to have a 70% passenger capacity.

“Airlines are required to provide three rows of seats designated as quarantine areas for passengers showing symptoms of COVID-19,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the capacity of the airport terminal is set at 70 percent of the number of occupied passengers (PWS) during normal hours.

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