Narrow bridges

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Give it a second chance

Fan #1 I like to think that the organization will help him overcome his problems as well as the outside groups he will be forced to attend. I think he personally dodged a bullet by not serving any prison time. A suspension from the league is necessary as a show of force as they take incidents like these seriously. Once that’s served, a public apology to the city and the fan base would go a long way. A new deal to tie him down but not close to the money he could have made before that. And finally a slow reintegration into the team.

Fan #2 I think what Miles did is a disgrace and there’s something to be said for how domestic violence is handled. However, I support the idea that if Mychelle Johnson doesn’t want the game taken away from him, he should be back in the NBA and the Hornets should take him back. Give it a second chance. If he violates his probation and gets punished again, that’s a different story. We’re too quick to ride with fit athletes and abandon them when they’re faced with real trouble. If it’s okay with her (the victim), it’s okay with me.

Fan #3 my position on Miles is a little complicated, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I want him back in Charlotte. What he did was terrible and disgusting (it goes without saying), but I believe in second chances, especially for young people. I felt oddly satisfied with how the sentencing had gone. I don’t think jail would help anyone in this situation long term, but his ex is given protection and comfort through the no contact/barring order, the kids won’t totally lose their father but see him under supervision and in a stable environment, plus the 3-year probation will hopefully help keep Miles on the straight and narrow. I believe this should be his last chance, but he should be given the chance to rehabilitate not just for himself, but for his children. Charlotte is the right place to do it, his brothers in the team clearly care about him and a small market to stay focused on the game.

Torn on the best way forward

Fan #4 I am incredibly conflicted. For one thing, what Miles Bridges did is absolutely inexcusable. Legally guilty or not, the photos of his wife’s bruised face and the video of his son describing what he saw speak for themselves. His behavior was reprehensible. However, on the other hand… there’s a part of me that wants to separate the bridges between the player and his teammate, and the bridges on the clearly broken human being. He has always been an accomplished teammate and a dedicated professional to both his craft and his organization. We’ve seen him take leaps and bounds every year throughout his hornet career. He got to work. He is loved in the locker room. Do I think the way he hurt his family is sickening? Absolutely. Do I think he needs serious mental health help? Absolutely. But do I in turn think he deserves to lose his livelihood, with the Hornets also losing a key part of their dressing room? Well… like I said, I’m conflicted.

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Fan #5 I have experienced domestic violence before and am torn between what to do with him. I think if he can show that he can be an upright member of society and show that he has changed, he deserves another chance. If his actions keep pointing in the wrong direction, then no, we shouldn’t.

I never want him back

Fan #6 I don’t want him to come back to Charlotte. He deserves a severe suspension from the NBA and time away from the game to work on himself, as is clearly needed through what happened and which Mychelle Johnson also alluded to in her Instagram post about issues/ additional problems. I don’t think there should be a conversation about him returning to a team anytime soon until he’s had time to sift through his issues and complete most of the terms during his time. test.

Fan #7 With regard to Miles in particular, I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe that there should be consequences for actions. It seems inappropriate to give a player millions of dollars months after such a horrific act. Also, as the players have used their voice to speak out on issues that matter to them, it is essential that the Hornets consider the type of person they want to give a podium. In my opinion, Bridges does not deserve the Hornets to platform him and the Hornets are better served spending that money on other players and voices. The Hornets have spoken out on important issues and Bridges’ resignation will undermine a lot of the good they have done

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