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Michigan Department of Transportation Projects in Lenawee County

A Michigan Department of Transportation project in Lenawee County has been completed, one has just begun, and another will begin next Monday.

All three projects are funded by MDOT. One is already finished and the other started last week. The M-50 paving project in Tipton was completed at a cost of $1.6 million. It goes from Nortley Road to M-52.

The M-34 paving project from the Dey Freeway to just past the Benner Freeway between Hudson and Adrian began last week and is due for completion in the fall. The construction cost is approximately $2.2 million.

And on Monday, July 25, MDOT will begin work on the M-50 through Tecumseh. The lowest bid for the Tecumseh project was $969,000 for construction. The city helped fund the “road diet” analysis in downtown Tecumseh.

“The project itself is just a resurfacing of the top 1.5 inches of material. We will be stripping and repaving the pavement with 1.5 inches of asphalt,” said Kelby Wallace, director of MDOT Jackson Transportation Service. Center.

Work will take place between Sunset Drive to the west and the Raisin River to the east.

In the downtown blocks of the Chicago Boulevard scheme, the sidelines of the road won’t change, but things will be opened up a bit with a lane reduction and a continuous left-turn lane through downtown.

“From near Pearl Street to near Oneida Street, the new roadway will have three lanes, one lane in each direction and a center left turn lane. But we will not modify any of the border lines of the project. We’re just going to resurface the pavement to achieve that,” Wallace said. “There is an existing parking lot there now and they will basically have more room for these parking spaces, more room to park in front of downtown businesses. At the moment, these are very tight places. So by doing that, it opens up those parking spots to be a little bit friendlier and safer.

The road size will not change, just the striping.

“There are left-turn lanes, but it will be one continuous left-turn lane. There’s parking on both sides of the street,” Wallace said. The location of the car park. It is already there now. Others will be added. These will be wider spaces due to the reduction of the lane on the roadway.

This project will begin on the morning of July 25. It should be finished by Labor Day.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer said in a press release this week that the project was just one more road being worked on as part of her commitment to “fix those goddamn roads.”

“Across Michigan, we’re moving dirt and fixing goddamn roads to save drivers time and money. These investments in four counties will support 2,718 jobs and help Michigan residents get to work. , run errands and safely explore our beautiful state,” Whitmer said. years to repair more than 16,000 miles of highway lanes and 1,200 bridges, supporting nearly 89,000 jobs My Plan to Rebuild Michigan and the bipartisan Building Michigan Together plan are helping us build safe and reliable infrastructure that makes the difference for families and small businesses across the state. Hope you all love orange because you’ll see lots of cones and barrels throughout the summer. I’m proud of what we have. accomplished, then Let’s roll up our sleeves and keep pushing things forward.”

In one look

WHAT: Paving of the M-34 between the Dey Highway and just east of the Benner Highway

WHEN: Now until fall

COST: $2.2 million

WHAT: M-50 repaving of the M-50 between Sunset Drive and the Raisin River in Tecumseh, including a “road diet” in downtown Tecumseh

WHEN: Monday, July 25 through Labor Day

COST: $969,000