Narrow transportation

Meghalaya HC To State Government

In order to address the challenge of traffic congestion across Shillong, the Meghalaya High Court (HC) has requested the state government to introduce cable cars and other modes of transport.

The two-member bench in its order, hearing a public information (PIL) dispute on Friday, noted that “the State may explore the construction of cable cars and other forms of transportation in depending on the availability of resources.

In response to the order, the state government informed of the exploration of measures to initiate short-term goals and secure resources for long-term action.

In order to achieve these goals, the state administration engages with traffic management experts and receives their initial report.

According to the Advocate General, a call for tenders has been launched to acquire mini-buses, so that schoolchildren can be transported from schools, without using individual vehicles for these purposes.

The court noted that several buses that were previously used as part of the city’s public transportation system were abandoned in various locations and in serious disrepair.

However, the Attorney General assured that the necessary procedures will be followed to legally dispose of these buses, in order to acquire funds to revamp the city’s public transport system.

The state has also submitted a proposal to the World Bank to fund 21 electric buses, to operate within the city’s borders.

Suggestions were made by other stakeholders on building adequate parking spaces at strategic locations, to deter parking in the currently congested and narrow streets.