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Meet the leading candidates for District 50 of the North Carolina House of Representatives

On May 17, residents of Orange and Caswell counties have the opportunity to narrow the number of candidates vying for an open seat in District 50 of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Matt Hughes and Renée Price participate in the Democratic primary on May 17.

Charles Lopez is the only Republican candidate. For this reason, he is expected to face the winner of the Democratic primary in November.

Matt Hughes, Democratic candidate for District 50

Hughes has served on the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners since 2018 as Hillsborough’s first openly LGBTQ+ elected official.

He currently serves on the North Carolina Human Relations Commission and the Hillsborough Historical Commission after being nominated by Governor Roy Cooper.

His experience in local government prepared him for a position in state government, he said. This work also gave him insight into cooperation with state and local governments.

“It’s really important to have legislators who live their constituents’ issues every day and be grounded in that, therefore, makes a better legislator,” he said.

He also touched on the need for bipartisan cooperation, citing how important it is for legislators who may be working with different political parties.

His campaign platform includes expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, advocating for reproductive rights, promoting environmentally friendly business plans, and ending systemic injustice in the criminal justice system.

“North Carolina should be a place where people are safer, healthier, better educated, and with more money in their pockets,” Hughes said. “That’s what I want to accomplish.”

Charles Lopez, District 50 Republican Candidate

Lopez is a human resources manager for a landscaping company, a small business investor, and a licensed real estate agent. His career, however, began as an at-risk school administrator.

Its platform includes reducing regulatory burdens and raising government awareness, promoting parent choice initiatives in schools, raising funds for capital infrastructure, and engaging in education development strategies. job.

“I would like people to know me more than my website, know me more than my party affiliation because the most important thing about me is being a father, being a husband, giving and to be a community person,” Lopez said.

He said his role as a father and husband inspired him to be a voice for conservative values ​​in his district. Her family also started a privately funded charity – the Charlie & Friends Foundation – which supports single mothers, widows and orphans in the community.

And based on his own experiences of adopting a child, he would like to work on making the adoption process more accessible to people who are interested or have difficulty starting a family.

Renée Price, Democratic candidate for District 50

Price served as a commissioner on the Orange County Board of Commissioners for the past 10 years and has been its chairman since 2020.

She said she was a strong supporter of community engagement initiatives, such as building affordable housing, preserving agriculture and improving school facilities.

“Working with nonprofits, working with government is the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice,” she said.

Price hopes to use her experience working in local government to create policies that improve justice in the community. She believes in a reciprocal relationship between the government and the people.

His platform includes the right to vote, fair and equal educational opportunities, addressing inequity in infrastructure, criminal justice reform, and climate change mitigation.

“I believe we have a lot of work to do,” she said. “We have made progress over the years, in terms of freedom and justice, and we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that everyone can enjoy their civil rights, human rights and enjoy peace.”


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