Narrow house

Laois councilor questions legality of stones outside house

A councilor questioned the legality of landlords leaving large stones outside their properties at a recent meeting.

The issue arose when Cllr Ben Brennan tabled a motion asking: ‘That Laois County Council provide an update on the stones outside a house in Coolnariska, Killeshin.’

Cllr Brennan said “it lasts a while and someone is going to get hurt.”

He told the meeting that he believed “they are two or more feet down the road. The road is quite narrow.

According to Cllr Brennan, “if you encounter a car there right now, you have to pull over and someone has to reverse.” He claimed neighbors were ‘worried’ about it and said ‘it’s not right’.


In his response to the motion, Principal Executive Engineer Philip McVeigh said: ‘Laois County Council has sent notice by registered post to the owners registered address to remove the roadside hazard. The notice was returned stating that the owners had left. Notice will now be hand delivered and if no action is taken then legal

a procedure could follow.

Asked about people leaving ornaments outside properties, Mr McVeigh said: ‘If it’s a roadside hazard, we need to take action on it.’ However, he said that if it was not considered a roadside hazard, the council had no problem with it.