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Kochi: the “narrow” road annoys technicians

KOCHI: Technicians working at Infopark on the outskirts of the city are very unhappy due to the risk to their life when they travel on the narrow Kakkanad-Infopark road to reach the workplace and back. Parking on both sides of the road also causes them enough problems, while the lack of sufficient public transport is the problem of those without vehicles.

Kochi Corporation’s high-speed trucks transporting waste to the Brahmapur-am waste treatment plant are a nightmare for technicians on the Kakkanad-Infopark road, especially in the morning.

“They are a threat to our lives and the stench of the trucks is unbearable. Once you are behind the vehicle in a two wheeler, you are almost trapped. You will have to put up with the smoke as well as the stench of these vehicles because it is almost impossible to pass them, ”said Krishna Priya, an Infopark employee.

She said that with just a scared mind, one will be able to negotiate such two-wheeled vehicles when they come from the opposite side. There isn’t even a retarder to control them on the road.

The Kakkanad-Infopark road experiences heavy traffic during rush hour and is not monitored by traffic officers. Street lights that do not work increase the risk; especially for women.

“Even though the area is recognized as prone to accidents, the unavailability of an ambulance service and other emergency medical facilities increases the risk,” Kripesh said.

Initiatives taken by Prathidhwani, the IT Employee Welfare Association, to bring the issues to the attention of the authorities have had little impact so far.

“Ultimately, the authorities’ interest is invested in setting up new businesses and never in raising basic requirements,” said Prathidhwani treasurer Madhavan N.

They are now placing all their hopes in the second phase of the Kochi metro. However, the same is delayed due to the pending approval of the project by the Center.

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