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Jeff Bridges shared a poignant note about his recovery from cancer and COVID

Way to bury the lead, Jeff! Yesterday’s news of Jeff Bridges’ cancer remission revealed that the beloved Hollywood icon was also facing COVID 19, which had him hospitalized for over a month. This put a lot of things on hold, including the filming of his new FX thriller series. Old man.

Taking chemotherapy is no easy task. Stack that on loss of smell, restricted breathing, and medical isolation, and anyone would like to throw in the towel. But for the always optimistic Bridges, dealing with two health crises simultaneously became a great lesson in life, which he shared in a manuscript. letter found on his site.

Her letter begins with a short, playful account of her cancer / covid experience, saying that covid made ‘cancer look like a piece of cake’ and ‘Covid kicked me pretty well, but I’m doubly vaccinated and I feel a lot better now. ”He even gave us a pretty awesome Darth Vader doodle.

But what comes next is the real tear-shooter:

“While I had moments of tremendous pain… as I approached the Pearl Doors… I felt joyful and happy most of the time. This contact with mortality brought me a great gift. Life is short and beautiful. Love is all around us, & available @ anytime. It’s about opening ourselves up to receive the gift US, (I) want another gift that Life doesn’t give us . I mean, who would want to have Cancer and COVID? Well … it turns out I would. I would, because I would learn love, I would learn things that I didn’t. never would have had if I never had.

Jeff goes on to share exactly what he’s learned, and it’s a message that really strikes you, both literally and figuratively:

“Here’s a flash I got: Home is a place where a person can receive, give and learn about love. And that place, HOME, is truly wherever you are at all times, right now, for example. “

It then recommends interesting book titles, song selections, and even a video on albatross, which I think we can all agree is of equal value.

For all of those who find it hard to see the gift in times of pain, may Jeff’s frank and genuine words remind you to see an opportunity wherever you are. An opportunity to learn, to grow and, above all, to love.

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