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Is Daemon bisexual? Subtle House Of The Dragon Details Hint Yes

Warning: this article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon.

Dragon House season 1 includes many subtle hints that Daemon Targaryen might be bisexual and a deleted scene from episode 6 confirms this. Daemon Targaryen, played by Matt Smith, is the brother of King Viserys I Targaryen. Daemon begins Season 1 as the most likely heir to the Iron Throne, but that hope is quickly taken from him, setting Daemon down a path of rebellion and wickedness.


After the ten-year time jump, Daemon Targaryen is married to Laena Velaryon and they have two daughters and an unborn third child together. Daemon first interacted with Laena in the show during Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon’s wedding celebration before the time jump. Laena suffers complications during the birth of her and Daemon’s third child and Laena Velaryon asks her dragon, Vhagar, to kill her with his fire rather than die from a risky C-section procedure. Daemon is widowed again and will likely seek another wife.

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However, a few subtle moments throughout Dragon House season 1 hinted at the possibility of Daemon Targaryen being bisexual. The first clue appears in episode 5. When Daemon first interacts with his future wife, Laena Targaryen, he tells her that she is almost as pretty as his brother. In isolation, that might be nothing more than one of the clever comments that Daemon Targaryen is known for. However, when dining with Prince Reggio Haratis in Pentos, where Daemon and Laena once lived, Daemon can be seen very briefly grabbing a servant’s arm, pulling him closer, whispering something to him. ear and smile. The exchange only lasts a second, but that second is long enough to establish a connection and plausible sexual tension between the two. Two small clues may not be conclusive, but one final piece of evidence may confirm this theory. HBO fueled this discussion by circulating a deleted scene on the subject. The deleted scene shows the male servant from the previous dinner sitting comfortably next to Daemon, apparently holding his hand as they whisper in each other’s ears. Those who saw the Dragon House The deleted scene from Episode 6 began to draw conclusions about what this means for Daemon. These three details may be small, but together they seem to confirm, or at least strongly imply, that Daemon Targaryen is bisexual in Dragon House.

Is Daemon Targaryen bisexual in the book?

Confirmation that Daemon Targaryen is bisexual would be a departure from his character’s counterpart in the book, Fire & Blood. Daemon’s bisexuality would be one of the many welcome changes the series made in adapting the book’s story for the TV screen. On the show, Laena herself makes a comment that has meaning on many levels when including Daemon’s bisexuality in context. When discussing whether the family should stay in Pentos or return to Westeros, Laena tells Daemon that she knows she is not the woman Daemon wanted. The line strongly implies that the favorite wife is Rhaenyra, but given the context of the deleted scene taking place on that same rooftop, it’s possible that Laena is actually referring to Daemon’s attraction to both men and women. and knew she was not who Daemon wanted romantically.

What Daemon Being Bisexual Would Mean For HOTD

In this context, only Daemon’s bisexuality would provide much needed representation, but it would also provide much more intrigue as to how he proceeds after Laena’s emotional death by the dragon Vhagar. Subtle clues and deleted scenes seem to confirm that Daemon Targaryen is bisexual in Dragon House. If Daemon and his two daughters decide to return to Westeros after Laena’s death, it’s possible her sexuality will be explored further when Daemon joins Rhaenyra and the tumultuous affairs of the Targaryens. Until then, viewers can hang on to the deleted scene to confirm that Daemon is a bisexual king (of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea).