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Increased employment in the transport sector

WASHINGTON – The country’s unemployment rate plunged from 4.6% to 4.2% from October to November, close to what economists consider full employment. And the Labor Department has revised upward its estimate of hiring gains for September and October to 82,000 combined jobs.

Employment in warehouses and transport companies is booming. It increased nearly 50,000 jobs last month. This job growth reflects a shift from traditional retail establishments to e-commerce – a shift that the pandemic has accelerated.

Warehouse and transportation jobs are already 4% above their pre-pandemic level in February 2020. In contrast, retail employment fell by more than 20,000 last month and is still low. down 1% from before the pandemic.

As stated previously in The truck driver, in the past 16 months, more than 113,000 for-hire trucking companies have been approved to operate a federal highway carrier. Of these, more than 100,000 still held authority on 1 November and represent around 195,000 drivers.

Meanwhile, warehouses and trucking companies are scrambling to meet customer demand.

This trend is a consequence of consumers confined to the home, their bank accounts swollen with government pandemic relief checks, placing orders, often online, for patio furniture, electronics and other goods. .

For months, the US labor market has been gradually recovering from the brief but intense pandemic recession of the past year. In March and April 2020, employers cut 22 million jobs – a record loss, by far – as governments ordered shutdowns and consumers took refuge in their homes to avoid infection.

Since then, employers have created nearly 18.5 million jobs. Huge government spending and widespread vaccine rollout have brought economic activity back to pre-pandemic norms.

Yet the United States is 3.9 million jobs short of what it was in February 2020. And there are fears that omicron is squeezing the economy by discouraging consumers from shopping and shopping. eating out and forcing factories and ports to shut down temporarily, further aggravating bottlenecks. in the production and shipment of goods.

Here are some takeaways from the November jobs report:

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