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How Blossom Book House survived in Flipkart’s house

The allure of gold striking by chance keeps Blossom regulars coming back for their next spin. Nithin Manayath, a university professor based in Bengaluru is certainly one of them. He constantly bursts into Blossom, either en route somewhere or between shots. “And sometimes going to Blossom’s is the only plan,” he says. And it definitely paid off for him over those years. “Aldo Buci’s Travel Writing, All That Was Ever Written by Paul and Jane Bowles, and Allison Bechdel’s Series Dykes to watch are just some of the books I found on those shelves before I even knew anything about these authors,” he tells us. And once you’ve had this experience of discovery and pleasure, you can’t stop it. And since every excursion to these book-filled halls cannot be entirely selfish, he always buys books for everyone around him. “Since then, I’m still there. I was given the task of finding books for friends by default,” he says, providing us with another excuse for his daily pop-ins.

One of the most wonderful things about Blossom Book House and the shy, hardworking, charming person Mayi Gowda is that she didn’t monopolize the bookstore space at all. On the contrary, proud to be a success story in the field, he encouraged an even more vibrant urban culture of reading and buying books at all levels.

Radhika Timbadia, the founder of Champaca, an independent women-run bookstore with a children’s library and cafe in Bengaluru, was one such regular before turning her fiction into reality. “Blossom’s has made the city a better place for all of us. And over the past two decades, it’s really helped us find our ways and made us better readers too,” she says. And she notes that the opening of her bookstore with “its specific selection of primarily women’s writings, marginalized voices and translations” would certainly have happened, but its ease of acceptance among the city’s reading community is due largely to bookstores like Blossom’s. “Or even the fact that going to a bookstore and just browsing all day is still considered a legitimate good time in Bangalore owes something to these bookstores,” she bets.

Next time you’re in this town, head to Blossom or one of the many wonderful bookstores here, you might find your next love or lifelong friend sitting on those shelves.

Blossom Book House, No 2, Third Floor, Prestige Shopping Complex, Church Street, above Matteo Coffea, Bengaluru – 560001. Open daily 10.30am-9pm. Call 9448220202. Visit to order online. Delivery all over India