Narrow house

Here’s what kind of home you can get for around $500,000 in Toronto right now

Remember back in 2011, when Charlie Sheen was kicked out of ‘Two and a Half Men’ for saying he was a ‘wizard’ with ‘tiger blood’? Or how about when housing prices were still reasonable in Toronto?

Yeah, it’s hard to think back that far, especially when the past two years have felt like a lifetime. But fun fact, in 2011, 109 Lambton Ave. sold for just $199,000. Wild!

Even crazier is that in 2016 its value practically doubled and sold for $360,000.

The main entrance and the living room.

Today, while it’s probably one of the cheapest semi-detached homes on the market right now, it’s listed at $549,000.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The house is equipped with a high efficiency gas furnace and central air conditioning.

That’s a $136,000 discount from when it first went on the market for $685,000 in April 2022.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The master bedroom.

So maybe we are seeing the beginning of a return to reasonable property prices in the city? Perhaps?? Please??

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The living room and the stairs leading upstairs.

This two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is nothing fancy and is one of the narrowest homes in Toronto, measuring just under 11 feet wide.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The dining room.

Also, even in the photos you can see that the house is not level.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The kitchen.

But, according to the listing, it’s been well maintained and has had plumbing upgrades, a fresh coat of paint, and a few renovations.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The bedroom in the basement with built-in bookcases.

The upstairs bedrooms are quite spacious and there is an additional room in the basement.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The bathroom.

Location wise, it’s also well placed near the new LRT, as well as parks, highways 400 and 401, and all the other amenities you’d want nearby.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The backyard.

Also, even though the lot is narrow, it extends 100 feet into the back yard, so there is potential for expansion for more ground floor space.

109 Lambton Avenue Toronto

The second bedroom.

So while it would be nice to buy 109 Lambton Ave. at 2011 prices, this 2022 price might be the better deal.