Narrow bridges

Franklin County Spends $ 1.93 Million to Replace ‘Two Aging Bridges’ | Local news

Franklin County begins the process of replacing two other aging bridges.

County commissioners have approved separate lump sum agreements with Union’s Cochran Engineering to provide replacement services for the Calvey Creek Highway Bridge near Robertsville and the Kiel-Lyon Highway Bridge near New Haven.

The Calvey Creek Highway Bridge, a 50-foot span that crosses Brady Creek, has a total cost of $ 996,910, including $ 791,780 for construction, according to the commission’s agenda. The remainder includes $ 102,931 for design and engineering services, $ 77,199 for inspection and testing and $ 25,000 for right-of-way acquisition.

“We are looking forward to having this bridge replaced,” President Commissioner Tim Brinker said after the approval of the Calvey Creek Road Bridge deal with Cochran on Tuesday, “and the next.”

Next is the Kiel-Lyon highway bridge, which is a 70-foot span over Bucklick Creek. The entire Kiel-Lyon project is expected to cost $ 933,570, including $ 740,179 for construction, $ 96,223 for design and engineering services, $ 72,167 for inspection and testing and $ 25,000 for acquisition of the right-of-way.

Cochran will receive a total of $ 182,629 for the Calvey Creek road bridge and $ 170,890 for the Kiel-Lyon road bridge.

Each bridge will have two lanes of traffic 12 feet wide, with shoulders 2 feet on each side. They will also have concrete barrier edging.

The bridges are between 60 and 70 years old and their structures are deteriorating, said county road administrator Jim Grutsch. The bridges are too narrow to travel safely, giving them the lowest rating from the Missouri Department of Transportation for county bridges that weren’t already ready for replacement.

“Like most structures, and even ourselves, we get along over the years and start to break down,” Grutsch said. “And that’s what bridges do.”

The Calvey Creek Road and Kiel-Lyon Road bridges are both on cross roads and generate a “good amount” of traffic, Grutsch said. “It’s not like they’re on a dead end,” he said. “So it’s important for school bus traffic and things like that. “

Cochran, the county’s on-call civil engineering consultant, will work on the grant for state funding. Once this grant is approved, she will perform the design and gain certification from the Army Corps of Engineers, then work on acquiring the right-of-way for the project.

Next, Cochran will work on the bidding process for the construction of the bridges, including drafting specifications for the project, said Grutsch. The company will also participate in calls for tenders.

Cochran will have a manager on site to oversee construction once it begins. But with all the work to come, Grutsch said construction on the bridges is not expected to begin until late 2023. Each bridge will take around six months to be replaced, with completion slated for late 2023 or spring 2024.

Although the grants are not yet in place, the county has obtained conditional approval from MoDOT, saying the Calvey Creek Road and Kiel-Lyon Road bridges are the next to receive public funding, according to Grutsch, who expressed confidence that the grants will be approved. .

The new bridge decks will be higher above the water than the existing decks to allow more water flow, Grutsch said. Each bridge will also have several hundred feet of new paved transitions to level the pavement.