Narrow road

Fears of accidents for narrow road between Dunbar and West Barns as vehicle numbers increase

Concerns have been expressed that a road connecting Dunbar’s new housing to West Barns is in desperate need of work as the number of vehicles using it daily is on the rise.

More houses are under construction at Hallhill in Dunbar, with vehicles using School Brae, near Eweford Farm, before heading towards West Barns.

Robert Elliott, Treasurer of the West Barns Community Council, raised the issue at a meeting of the Dunbar and East Linton Community and Police Partnership (CAPP).

He told the Courier how the increase in the number of vehicles driving past Brae School in and out of West Barns meant it was becoming increasingly difficult for drivers.

He said: “It is basically a single lane road.

“If the school bus gets off and you come by car, one or the other has to come all the way back.”

He feared there would be an accident if something was not done.

Mr. Elliott added: “We have called for the construction of crossings and got a big no-no from council.

“They said there was not enough traffic on the road but there was going to be an accident there.”

Constable Gavin Ross attends the monthly CAPP meetings and said: “The roads south of Belhaven and West Barns which connect to Eweford are increasingly busy.

“They are attached to the west end of the Hallhill subdivision.

“These roads down to the main road are very, very narrow and in poor condition. ”

He felt that it was necessary to introduce passing points on the roads.

However, despite these problems, the policeman stressed that the roads were “an inconvenience rather than dangerous”.

City Councilor Michael Veitch, spokesperson for the local authority for roads and transport, was also present at the meeting, which took place at Dunbar police station.

He expected the roads to continue to get busier as the number of homes on the west end of Hallhill increased.

Previously, East Lothian Council officials looked at the volume of traffic on the road.

Mr Veitch said: ‘More and more people will realize that this is a more direct route from Hallhill to West Barns and Belhaven.

“All I can suggest is that we could get a second site visit.”

This remains to be settled, although discussions have taken place between Mr Veitch and the transport department of the local authority.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said: “Regarding road conditions, all pavements are inspected as part of the council’s needs assessment policy, whereby individual locations are assessed. and rated for comparison with other locations in East Lothian.

“This is done so that the limited funding we have is targeted where it is needed most.

“The inspection and needs assessment of this road is now complete.

“A traffic count was also undertaken and the traffic levels were very low which was consistent with a road of this class, so any major improvement work would be difficult to justify at this time and we currently have no plan in place to install all crossing points.

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