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FAA seeks new designs for control towers

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking for control tower designs that can be built and operated in a sustainable manner at regional and municipal airports.

The agency is looking for solicitations that will meet operational and financial requirements, maximize energy efficiency, be easy to modify to meet height requirements, and can be built quickly.

Nationally, there are over 100 aging control towers at regional and municipal airports.

The FAA will use a three-phase approach. The first phase will seek solicitations from architectural and engineering firms and restricted tenders to 15 companies. Phase two will require the 15 selected companies to provide resumes, relevant experience and financial capability, and select six companies. Phase three will assess the design package and cost estimate of the six companies and award a contract to a top notch candidate.

“For communities large and small, the air traffic control tower is an icon,” said US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “We want architects and engineers from all corners of the country to help build the safe and sustainable towers of the future.”

The FAA will host a webinar on November 9 to answer questions from interested companies before the official solicitation begins. The agency will also sensitize minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses to this opportunity.

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