Narrow road

Elite Golf Greens – Congestion due to apartment owners narrow road issues

The road outside Elite Golfgreen has long been a problem for neighboring residents due to its narrow width. The 45 meter stretch of road which is the main road for the company is not wide enough to accommodate the volume of traffic. As a result, every day there are traffic jams and traffic jams. It is a common road connecting Delhi, Dadri Road, Barola and Bhangel.

Buyers of Elite Golfgreen, Sector 79, Noida received a letter from the builder on December 18, 2021 advising them that the construction work of Elite Golfgreens company has been completed and residents will soon receive their properties from mid- January. However, this letter was not good news for buyers. Residents are concerned due to the narrowness of the main access road in front of the company, which creates huge traffic problems when traveling to and from the company. Moreover, it also poses a security risk.

There are 616 apartments in the company of which about 450-500 buyers will live here soon.

This is not the first time the question has been raised. On August 18, 2021, they wrote a letter to the Authority as well as the Prime Minister regarding the unbuilt single-lane narrow road in front of the company. Residents have said they want to move into their new apartments which are almost ready but the narrowness of the main road terrifies them.

Residents point out that the narrow road can create huge traffic problems during rush hour. Also, it would be extremely difficult for public transportation like school buses, auto-rickshaws, etc. to stop at their door.

Raj Kumar Batra, a buyer who bought an apartment in Elite Golfgreen Apartments, says, “We have asked the builder so many times about this issue, but he never responds. When we wrote a letter to the Noida Authority, they replied that there was no land available for the two line roads. Does that mean we have to endure this narrow road? Also, there are many potholes on this road which gives cyclists a bumpy ride. We have met with MP, MLA, CEO Noida everyone but haven’t received any positive updates”.

Kamaldeep, another buyer of Elite Golfgreen Apartments, says: “We will soon be moving into this company as we have already received a letter from the builder. The transition to this society can put the lives of our families in danger. The single narrow feeder road which is the main road of this company witnesses continuous heavy traffic day and night. It will not be easy to enter or leave the company. How are we supposed to put up with this? The authority must take immediate action”.